Confession No. 67 — A few shout-outs … and shout-ats

Everyone deserves at least some sort of recognition and, after wrapping up last month dressed as Tyler Florence, I entered November in a recognizing mood. This past week, I recognized the most important person in my world with a love letter. This week, it’s a veritable potpourri.

Shout out — To everyone who put others first and headed to the East Coast to help people recover from Sandy.

Shout-at To the guy who sits a few rows behind me at the high school football games: I know you have a good seat on the 45-yard-line and I’m sure you watch a lot of games on TV, but the coach really does know more about this game than you. Also, while I’m sure you could catch every pass thrown your way, it’d be nice if you could remember that those players are 16 and 17-year-olds.

Shout at Speaking of football games, to the guy who sits in front of me on Friday nights: Your elbow is in my leg space.

Shout out To those of you who exercised your right to choose our leaders with your vote. Didn’t vote? Well, too bad. But, you are still allowed to complain. This is the U.S.A. after all.

Shout at — To the Bible-thumping woman who cites verse at the drop of a hat, but steals postage from the machine and time from the time clock: Shame on you. You’re a hypocrite.

Shout out/Shout at To the producers of the guilt-eliciting Feed the Children commercial: I hope you fed those kids while you were filming their sad faces.

Shout out To everyone who keeps the ‘g’ in guacamole silent. I’m hopeful that the new Taco Bell commercial helps others to realize the proper pronunciation.

Shout at — To the expressionless checker at my grocery store with the ’20 years of service’ name tag: I appreciate your speed, but next time you toss my bag of Taco-flavored Doritos around like a baseball, I’m going to insist that someone go get me a new bag. Also, when you drop my box of spaghetti into the bag from two feet above, I end up with child-sized pasta strands.

Sarcastic shout out — To the renters in the nearby apartment complex with brand new $40,000 cars: Way to go with the priorities!

Shout at — To the teacher and band director who use all-caps to emphasize certain points in emails to parents: STOP. I AM AN ADULT WHO COULD PROBABLY KICK YOUR ASS.

Shout at — To the frustrated guy who was stuck behind me in traffic earlier this week: Had you just backed off of my bumper a little, I might have considered speeding up.

Shout at — To you kid drivers who believe you are bulletproof: I believed the same thing, but I was wrong. So are you. Please, slow down. Call me selfish, but I don’t want you going before me.

A big shout out — To everyone who has donned a uniform of the U.S. Armed Services. You are selfless heroes. Your commitment and sacrifice are greatly appreciated.

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There are a handful of places to get Japanese food in my neck of the woods. Three of those restaurants are the type where you are seated around the grill with goodness-knows-who sitting next to you. Although the flare-ups and eggs cracked on a spatula are entertaining, I’m not really into paying $30 to eat weak chicken broth, salad with weird dressing and a big ass plate of fried rice with some quasi-though meat on the side. I’m not nearly as entertaining as the guy who makes a volcano out of onion rings, but my Japanese food is better, for sure.

Grilled Teriyaki Skirt Steak

Terkiyaki Steak

Skip the knife/spatula show and make your own Skirt Steak Teriyaki. This version tastes so much better and you can eat it with people who you actually know and love.

2 lbs. – Skirt steak, membrane and excessive fat removed.

1/2 cup – can crushed pineapple
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup – onion, chopped finely
1 TB – brown sugar

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

Cut trimmed skirt steak into four equally-sized pieces. Combine marinade ingredients; pour over skirt steak; cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, but preferably about 8 hours.

Preheat grill to high.

Remove steaks from marinade. Grill about 6-8 minutes for medium rare, flipping once during cooking.

Allow cooked skirt steaks to sit for about 10 minutes, then slice thinly against the grain. Season with Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, as desired.

Serves 4-5 people.

Sauce alternative: It’s controversial (I don’t know why), but I like to boil the marinade while the meat is resting, and use it as a sauce. (None of us have ever been adversely affected, by the way.)


  1. Taking On Magazines says:

    Oh my. I read this out loud for Hubby’s benefit. Thank you for the morning entertainment. I don’t go. To those Japanese places simply for the fact that I don’t to pay that much to see my food tossed around or eat with strangers. I’ll take your dish, thanks.

  2. Food Stories says:

    I loved the one about the checker :-)

  3. My husband ALWAYS (please note the ALL CAPS) boils the marinade!

    • Your husband has some SCENE CONTROL. lol.. I never understood why boiling the marinade was deemed as ‘unsafe,’ while eating the medium-rare meat that it marinated is fine.

      • It’s definitely safe if it’s boiled, also known as sterilized.
        In Japan this is even done for chicken yakitori, and the boiled marinade is even kept for generations as a ‘mother sauce’. As long asmit’s boiled long enough to remove all the moisture, no problem.

        Pineapple on teriyaki though? ;-)

        • Pineapple on teriyaki though? ;-)

          Yeah, Stefan. Can you believe that I’ve actually seen Teriyaki recipes that use cinnamon? Dry mustard? Beer? Strange, huh? But, since you brought it up, what of it?

          • Don’t mind me, I’m just a bit of a purist. Pineapple has a very strong sweet flavor that I think overpowers the steak teriyaki. I don’t eat pizza hawaii (with ham and pineapple) or peking duck with pineapple (yes that was served to me in a Chinese restaurant once), either.

          • In fact, Stefan, it does. (And I’m not overly fond of it.) But, it — by no means — overpowers in this dish.

  4. Shout out: To my fellow Texan, steak-lovin’, blogger friend, Adam. We make this steak marinade all of the time. It’s a favorite.

    Shout at: You made my stomach growl.

  5. Once again, you’ve given me proof of just how similar we are, Adam. However, it’s not football games where my space gets invaded… it’s World Market and/or the craft aisle at a 50% off Hobby Lobby event.
    Oh, and by the way, my checker’s name is Dorothy. I was in such a bad mood one day that when she nearly drop kicked my Greek yogurt and gave me that unassuming, innocent look while she tried to slip it into my bad unnoticed, I told her that the next time she tries to pull one over on me, I’d be drop kicking HER. THAT’S RIGHT…. I’M A MEAN BEEATCH, and DON’T YOU FORGET IT!

  6. Actually … the pineapple probably helps tenderize skirt steak, which can be pretty tough sometimes.

  7. Okay – I believe I agree whole-heartedly with every one of your shouts…although who knew the G was silent? Wow! Learn something new every day. I shall hence forward edit my pronunciation! :)
    Second – I too, don’t know why it is so controversial to re-use the marinate as a sauce. You are boiling it for crying out loud. I think you’ve killed any germs that could have been in there. What is the difference between soaking something and then baking it right in the liquid? Just because you cooked them separately it is now bad? Makes no sense.

  8. Awesome dude…love it! My fave is the last shout out, the big one…I have a son whose done 2 tours of Iraq, Army CAPT and a brother paralyzed from VietNam, so thank you for them and ALL WHO SERVE!!! xo

  9. Hear Hear! And I’d like to add auto spell to that list of yours Adam. PET PEEVE!

    • What’s the pet peeve? The fact that auto spell totally changes the structure of your sentence? Or, is this something I need to invest in? (I thought my spelling was OK, but … everyone needs an editor.)

  10. Auto spell is that awful program on my computer that changes my name from Rohini to Rhino every single time. Without asking. I could live with bad grammar, but this! Oy Ve!
    You’re better off without it Adam, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better off.

  11. The meal looks terrific, Adam. Much better than those overpriced Japanese places.

    Love the shout outs/shout ats. What a wonderful idea.

  12. Good stuff! Thanks for the entertaining read

  13. I always boil the marinade and use it. I mean, after all, whatever is in it is cooked, right?

  14. Oh you are funny! (Mind you, I am a bit surprised by the guacamole pronunciation! No “g”? Who knew?). Glad to be back after a storm-induced hiatus!

    • Thanks, Natalia. I knew. I’ve always known. I remember when no one north of Texarkana had even heard of guacamole. Now, most people (including many in my own neck of the woods) throw that ‘g’ in there. If they are going to do that, they might as well pronounce tortilla chips with an emphasis on the ‘l’. Welcome back, by the way. Glad all (seems to be) well. :-)

  15. A pleasure to read, as always! Loved the one about the first Football example! Just kids, dude, just kids….

  16. Awesome looking steak & love the sounds of your marinade, but why didn’t you put a show on while you made it?
    Your Shouts are great, especially those involving kids & sports. I was a soccer coach for 5 & 6 year olds and thought I was very polite when I asked the 6’2″, 200 lb+ visiting coach to please ask his kids to not spit at my kids. Talk about anger management issues – the guy went ballistic & wanted to “take me on & asked if I wanted to step away from the field”. Dude, I’m almost 5’3″ & weigh in around 105, but I can fight dirty – it just wouldn’t have been fair.
    And the teacher who got my shout at…that would be the one who sent a note home asking parents to make sure our children completed “they’re” homework. I sent the note back with corrections.

    • OK.. First, if a 6’2″ dude asks me if I want to step away from the field, I have no choice. I will step away … and remind him the whole way that I’m about to grind him into a fine powder — no matter what. As for a show? I grilled this meat in the nude and angered the neighbors (because I’m so sexy). lol

    • ROFL!!!! I know a few teachers on facebook….I die every time I see them do things like that. Especially when it is habitual, and not a typo.

      • It’s like they become much like the children they hang out with all day. Just sayin’…

      • Well it was only 4th grade so she might not have gotten to the they/their/they’re part herself. Of course my daughter hated me but I never understood why teachers send angry notes home to the entire class rather than just address the kids & parents who weren’t turning in ‘they’re’ homework (turned out it was just a few & she could have saved paper).

        • I never understand why a teacher would send an angry note to me. That person is the teacher. Don’t get angry about it. Just do what you do. (And if you truly don’t want to be there, do our children a favor and go work in the oil fields!)


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