The RV Chronicles — We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take this any more! (Recipe: Cheesy Italian Baked Beans)

It’s been a year and a half. I don’t regret confining myself to a home just barely larger than a prison cell. Neither do I lament trading a range that cost as much as some cars for an aged camp stove. I’ve gotten used to shaving within reach of my ‘pantry.’ I’ve even accepted that […]

The RV Chronicles — Cooking like there’s a blizzard

Over the past week or so, I’ve seen enough images of snow-covered roads, streets and houses to last a lifetime. Fortunately, I was able to view them from the 60-something degree comfort here in the Bayou City. I’ve actually lived through a blizzard. Back in those days, weather aficionados didn’t name such storms — other […]

Food Snob Chronicles — New Fashioned Cowboy Beans & Ribs

It was hardly yesterday or even the day before, but I remember it well. As a youngster around three, the nice ladies at Candy Land Day Care convinced us to eat barbecued beans by calling them Cowboy Beans. Sure, that’s what they’re called. But the cowboy part had most of us thinking we were eating […]

Food Snob Chronicles — The ‘Chilada … Kid-friendly Tex-Mex goodness

When you happen upon a dish that your kid likes, it’s a good thing. When said dish doesn’t involve chicken nuggets or over-salted gravy, it’s like discovering gold. My kid, as it turns out, likes anything topped with black olives. So, when he caught a glimpse of the Chilada at the local Taco Casa drive-thru […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Why on earth are they called refried beans? (Recipe: Well-fried Beans)

I tend to dwell on subjects that I shouldn’t care about. Refried beans is one of them. Sure, beans are boring. And refried beans aren’t even a main course, most of the time. Yet it bothers the hell out of me that we call them refried beans. They aren’t twice fried! ‘I like refried beans. […]

Food Snob Chronicles — (Recipe): Charro Beans

Beans. There’s nothing sexy about them. In fact, we recited a vulgar poem about them in elementary school. But, they are among the most widely (and longest) cultivated crops, and these days are considered a legitimate super food. I remember having a ‘pot o’ beans’ on a regular basis growing up. Ours were just pintos […]

Confession No. 79 — Loaded questions still get the best of me (Recipe: Cajun Fried Chicken w/ Red Beans & Rice)

I know how to ask questions. In fact, after more than 20 years as a print/broadcast reporter, I think I’m fairly seasoned in the art of interrogation. But, just as the salesman can never say ‘no,’ neither can I seem to avoid the heat of the third degree. And I do a damn poor job […]