Food Snob Chronicles – Are we eating in? Or eating out? (Recipe: Maid-Rite Sandwiches)

Maid-Rite sandwiches. Simple. Delicious. Addictive.

Menus change. Right along with the times. The typical U.S. dinner menu in the 1950s looked like something you’d get in a school cafeteria — potato ‘frosted’ meatloaf, tuna surprise and canned lima beans. In the 1970s, when we weren’t drinking down fondue, we were eating a lot more TV dinners — salisbury steak or […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Have canned spinach, will travel for Lo Mein (Recipe: Spinach Meatballs Parmigiana)

The hungry owner of this refrigerator is willing to trade you a new iPhone or Android phone for some vittles.

For food, I have used coupons and discount cards, floated many a check, and even paid 19 percent credit card interest for a pizza. But, trading for vittles? Never. I’m not referring to my tomatoes for your squash. Or, your freshly baked bread for keeping you stocked in fresh salsa. Those are the conventional trades […]

Confession No. 96 – And they think I’m going to the dogs?

Thai, Szechuan and Cantonese flavors make an excellent combination.

Every neighborhood, apartment building or trailer park has one. Neither economics nor affluency play a role with this person. But, almost always it’s a she. And there are two traits that she shares with her counterparts in other locales: a dire need for some serious couch time with a shrink. And her nickname. The ‘crazy’ […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Getting to know your meat

This isn't your ordinary pesto.

How well do you know your meat? Seriously. Are you swayed by labels that say ‘fresh’ or ‘natural?’ And that burger you’re eating … is it really made from ground chuck? Before I scare you away, this installment is only intended to serve as a quick education for your next meat-buying outing and includes nothing […]

Confession No. 91 — Women are know-it-alls. Really. (Recipe: Chicken Fried Steak w/ Sawmill Gravy

Chicken Fried Steak — served with the requisite Mashed Potatoes & Gravy; and toast for sopping.

Only two people in my life have ever bought my underwear – my mom and (then) my wife. It’s not that I can’t do for myself. I just don’t know my size or where to find men’s skivvies in my local department store. But that’s not the only knowledge I’m not privy to. My wife, […]

Confession No. 88 – Oh, how I long for the whistle … and the days of the elusive garbage bag

Puffy Tacos are a San Antonio original and the epitome of Tex-Mex cuisine.

I have nothing against technology. I drive a car that generates its own electric power to use on start-up. I own about 70,000 songs that are stored on a business card-sized device; I listen to them through headphones that have better frequency response than what I hear in real life. I’ve made financial transactions in […]

Confession No. 85 – So, you think you’re an expert?

Churrasco Mixed Grill

I‘ve taken a swing at a backdoor slider; windsurfed on the Barnegat Bay; tried my hand at glass blowing; attempted to play guitar (and sing like Dave Grohl); and — most recently — fly a B-52 Stratofortress. Fine. I was the co-pilot in the B-52 simulator at Barksdale Air Force Base. Still, after an hour […]

Confession No. 84 — Unhappy at work? You decide. (Recipe: Guinness Beef Stew & Cauliflower Colcannon w/ Garlic Scapes)

Guinness Beef Stew served atop Cauliflower Colcannon w/ Garlic Scapes. A meal fit for Saint Patrick himself.

I‘ve been unhappy in a few jobs. I worked in the dish room at the local Red Lobster. My hands, by the end of each shift, looked like prunes. My skin smelled like fish and cocktail sauce for days at a time … I also had a stint in construction as a go-fer. The money […]

Food Snob Chronicles – Food. Melodious food.

Korean Beef

My mother was once complaining to me about ‘my’ music, when she told me that she could probably sell a million records just by naming the band ‘Mashed Potatoes & Gravy.’ Though it would take a little more than a catchy delicious name to sell one million units (as they’re now known), several musical groups […]

Confession No. 70 — Some things in life just are.

Beef Short Rib Stew

An unearthed vision brings new light and understanding. When you dig up the same vision for the second or third time, it can be painful. I experienced a repeat epiphany this past week when I stepped from the warmth of my car upon reaching the office. This time though, instead of a gentle oracle-like reminder, […]