Confession No. 131 — Water? Gasoline? Or dynamite? Well, that all depends.

Chicken Inasal Meatballs — Your holiday guests will consider you an expert in Filipino cuisine

My real life job as a public relations guy requires me to bite my tongue. Quite often. And it’s not always easy. Many times, I’ve had to stifle my thoughts and comments when it comes to absurd inquiries from the press and their award-desiring editors. There are plenty of other instances when I must tap […]

Confession No. 130 — Confidential to modern drama queens: You’re no Sarah Bernhardt

Creamy Tomato Risotto w/ Roasted Eggplant — Does that look like a side dish to you?

This essay is dedicated to all of you folks who have gone way out on that overemotional limb about 2,064 times too many. My disdain for drama queens is nothing new. I’ve lived through about 11-dozen years of it with my 16-year-old daughter. I’ve worked with people who could’ve won an Oscar in the melodramatic […]

Confession No. 129 – Getting there is not what it used to be

Mexican Shrimp Diablo & Jicama Slaw w/ Lime Vinaigrette — Deliciously light summer fare.

I got the key to the highway; Billed out and bound to go. I’m gonna leave here running; Walking is most too slow. — Eric Clapton There was a time when I was content to travel. It was a time of Hot Wheels and coloring books; we ate homemade roast beef sandwiches as we traced […]

Confession No. 128 – Back to the days of Christopher Robin

Stuffed Bell Pepper — Classic comfort at its spring best

Most of my memories begin with a letter. I wrote it as my son slept beneath a swaying mobile in his dimly lit nursery. A CD player with soft volume was set to shuffle Kenny Loggins’ Return to Pooh Corner. Catherine and I had converted our first child’s room from an office to a little […]

Confession No. 127 – The Talk

Crab Cake-stuffed Mushrooms

My father had it with me. His father probably had with him. And his father’s father before. The talk. I’m talking neither about the birds and bees nor the discussion about family secrets revealed. This talk is the one that fathers have with their sons just before they are about to show the boy – […]

Confession No. 126 – For crying out loud! Stop the name-dropping already!

Beef Tips over Rice. Classic American. Simply delicious.

There’s one in every crowd. He’s at least nerve-wracking and doesn’t realize how ridiculous he sounds when he tries to impress. He’s the casual name-dropper. Does this sound familiar? ‘So, I was talking to Joe Montana a few years ago,’ the radio station manager told his staff, ‘and he told me that he really liked […]

Confession No. 125 – For the love of a child

Eat like it's summer time. Lobster w/ Chile Lime Aioli.

‘Mom, I’m glad I’m not adopted,’ the little boy said out of the blue. ‘Really,’ she responded. ‘Why do you say that?’ ‘Because, if I was adopted you wouldn’t love me as much.’ It had been more than five years since the boy made the transition into his new family. He was about a year […]

Confession No. 124 — Thank goodness some first impressions don’t last a lifetime

Mofongo w/ Shrimp. Central American soul food with African roots.

Remember eating your first mushroom? Or sipping your first beer or glass of wine? You very likely chewed that fungus for a good five minutes — hoping that you could eventually spit it out without being noticed. And you probably nursed the drink for a couple of hours, stealthily pouring it out here and there. […]

Confession No. 123 — A Valentine’s Day letter to my wife

blah blah

Dear Catherine, Remember all of those times you encouraged me to go back to school — and finally signed me up and told me to get busy? Well, a funny thing happened this past week in my sociology class. I learned that there are actually some clinical labels for our relationship and marriage. None of them […]

Confession No. 122 — The little girl who cried wolf wasn’t whistling Dixie after all


It was her go-to excuse for more than 15 years. She used it to occasionally stay home from school, church and even fun family outings. It’s been so frustrating that I’ve wanted to strangle her. But as it turns out, we erred. And I’ll be damned if I shouldn’t have known better. I was a […]