The Unorthodox Epicure — Jolly Rancher (Frozen Watermelon Cocktail)

Quick! What’s your favorite Jolly Rancher candy? According to various voting sites out there, Blue Raspberry wins hands down. Cherry tends to come in second. And then there’s my favorite — watermelon. Truth is, I prefer the tartness of watermelon-flavored Jolly Ranchers over the real thing. This frozen concoction offers the best of both worlds. […]

The RV Chronicles — You want humidity? You can’t handle humidity! (Recipe: Frozen Banana Colada)

I‘d venture a wager that more baby powder, deodorant and cold beer are sold during the summer in Houston than in any other city in the world. I bet our air conditioners blow the loudest too. Yes, it’s hot as h-e- double-hockey sticks in the Bayou City.  And, despite a regular breeze from the Gulf […]

The RV Chronicles — Bloody Mary Monday (Recipe: Lone Star Bloody Mary)

It’s a Bloody Mary morning,  Baby left me without warning  Sometime in the night  So I’m flyin’ down to Houston  Forgetting her’s the nature of my flight             — Willie Nelson Yes, my baby left me. But she was only down for the weekend and it was hardly without warning. In just weeks, she and […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — Ringing in 2016 with roses and Peach Bellinis

My 2016 will begin in sunny California. Virtually, of course. Ally Phillips from Ally’s Kitchen invited a few of us to participate in the first Food Blogger Blast as part of the 2016 Tournament of Roses Parade, and I was happy to serve up Peach Bellinis for the celebration. The big party is part of […]

Confession No. 121 – Woe is me. Pee-wee soccer is upon us … again.

I’ve spun many a yarn over the years and have done a pretty darn good job of sugar coating the bad parts. But even the best storytellers in the world don’t own enough fib to beat around the bush about organized youth sports. Spin it any way you wish. There aren’t enough positives to outweigh […]

Food Snob Chronicles – Christmas movies that make me hungry

  There have been many — some in black & white; others in Technicolor; and a few that were drawn onto slides. These scenes all have two things in common: They involve holiday meals, and they make me hungry. Following are a few scenes that — no matter what time of day I see them […]

Food Snob Chronicles — No more secrets: Key Limes exposed! (Recipe: Watermelon Strawberry Slush)

When I discovered the truth about Key Limes, it was like Santa Claus revisited. Or the ‘rich Corinthian leather’ once hawked by Ricardo Montalban as a luxury option on the Chrysler New Yorker. None of them were … real. Well, sort of. Though Montalban could’ve sold me just about anything, that leather (made in New […]