Food Snob Chronicles — Hollandaise 101

Classic Hollandaise in a blender? Escoffier is rolling in his grave!

If the Internet had existed a century ago, Hollandaise would’ve been hailed as a quick three-ingredient sauce that’s perfect for vegetables or seafood. Hashtags like #emulsifybaby and #eggsheartbutter would’ve undoubtedly been near the top of the rankings. And the pale yellow sauce certainly would’ve graced a few e-magazine covers as the latest and greatest topper […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Ancho Braised Chicken

Ancho Braised Chicken —

You’ve certainly heard the old saying there’s more than one way to skin a cat. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why anyone would want to skin a cat (Couldn’t they have said ‘grow a tomato’ or ‘get across town’?) but I get the intended meaning. That said, there are plenty of […]

Food Snob Chronicles — El Cubano: The Cuban Sandwich


For something so simple — it’s not even considered a main course — the Cuban Sandwich has sparked as much debate as any presidential election, and far more disdain between camps than the century-old Yankees/Red Sox rivalry. Purists of the concoction have varying mindsets. There’s salami vs. no salami; sweet pickle vs. sour pickle; and […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Why on earth are they called refried beans?

creamy with bits of caramelized crunch — a delicious result of frying.

I tend to dwell on subjects that I shouldn’t care about. Refried beans is one of them. Sure, beans are boring. And refried beans aren’t even a main course, most of the time. Yet it bothers the hell out of me that we call them refried beans. They aren’t twice fried! ‘I like refried beans. […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Orzo w/ Manchego and Peas

Orzo w/ Manchego and Peas

I don’t typically care for rules. But the long-established rules for Manchego Cheese are different. First, to be called Manchego, this wheel of wonderfulness must have been made in the La Mancha region of Spain with milk from the Manchega breed of sheep. Manchego must be cave-aged for a minimum of three months, and the […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Crab & Corn Bisque

Crab & Corn Bisque — Velvety goodness.

Bisque evokes thoughts of a cream-based soup in which crab is the star. And sometimes lobster. For average guys like me, it also means that I’m going to pay top dollar for a few spoonfuls of creamy warm shellfish bliss. While that might be the case nowadays, bisque has a somewhat humble beginning. As the […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Southern Fried Potato Coins

Southern Fried Potato Coins w/ Tangy Mayo Dipping Sauce — You deserve to feel guilty once in a while.

Have you ever wondered where French fries originated? Sure, the French part of the name ought to be a dead giveaway. Except that it’s not. Early in my career as a radio newsman, I was interviewing a descendant of Fletcher Davis — the Athens, Texas man who is widely credited for inventing the hamburger sandwich as […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Recipe: Fresh Chicken Chorizo

Fresh Chicken Chorizo — Warm with a little spice and tang. Everything that is delicious about the 500-year-old Mexico tradition.

It’s been more than 30 years since I had my first taste of Mexican chorizo — tucked in a fresh flour tortilla with eggs, potatoes and cheese — and I’ve loved it ever since. Use it anywhere you’d use any other Mexican-themed meat — with tacos, tostadas (pictured), eggs or even added to queso fundido.  Want […]

Food Snob Chronicles — A New England-style sandwich for the Louisianan in all of us (Recipe: Crawfish Roll)

Crawfish Roll  –  New England panache fused with Louisiana-born ingredients.  Ça c'est wicked bon!

I‘ll say it up front. I’m not from Louisiana, nor have I jumped on the LSU Tigers/New Orleans bandwagon with 80 million others over the past 10 years. But that’s not to say I don’t like the place. The Pelican State is chock-full of beautiful antebellum homes and ecological rarities.  There are plenty of places […]

Food Snob Chronicles — A Cauliflower Soup for the (Cauliflower) Haters

Cauliflower Soup with Roasted Cauli 'Croutons.' A soup for Cauliflower haters. Seriously.

Confession: I’ve always enjoyed munching on a cauliflower floret, or two on a vegetable tray. Raw cauliflower.  Then, I met the love of my life, who happens to prefer the steamed version. No, she’s not a 90-year-old who cannot stomach anything that must be chewed. Neither is she someone without taste buds. She just believes […]