Confession No. 134 — My kid said what? (Recipe: Creamy Meyer Lemon Shrimp Scampi w/ Artichokes)

He’s our fourth child and without a doubt, the most forthcoming with his words. Following are a few conversations that happened in the past year — before he turned seven on December 19. Keeping me honest At a drive-thru convenience store, I was behind a carload of boisterous young men. The clerk handed them a case […]

Confession No. 120 — Our son is the sick one, yet we suffer. Go figure.

There is no vaccination for it. There is also no immediate cure. And unfortunately, my son has been infected with this horrible disorder. Senioritis. Unlike some conditions, senioritis affects most people between the ages of 17 and 18. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: a swollen head, regular tardiness, plenty of song and dance […]

Confession No. 119 — Lame excuses are difficult to … excuse

You know what I despise most about excuses? Their blatant overuse. I’d always prefer that someone just own his actions. But most people don’t like the idea of moving on without injecting the why into the equation. And that’s when it all tends to go downhill. There’s a local restaurant that I occasionally patronize. It’s […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Meyer Lemons 101

Google ‘Meyer Lemon’ and you’ll get more than 2.95 million returns. That’s a far cry from the 300-500 returns of just 10 years ago. What makes the increase especially interesting is that Meyer Lemons are just barely more commercially available now than they were then — which is not much. Why the increase in popularity? […]

Confession No. 81 — I’m in my 40s and still haven’t used algebra (Recipe: Meyer Lemon Chicken)

I‘m a writer. During my career, which has included broadcast news and production; newspaper and magazine reporting; and public relations — I’ve never used formulas or had to deal with coefficients, quadratic functions or polynomials. Oh, I can count backward from 60 or 30 (seconds) and speak for exactly 15 or 30 (seconds) without using […]

Confession No. 37 — He’s not the Superman he once was, but he’s still a man of steel

As the work on my kitchen remodel enters its third week, dusty hair and splintered fingers have become the norm. Surprises, including the live wire that has no apparent power source, pop up every day. The surprise that really sent me reeling, though, reared its head this past week. My dad is only human. I’m […]

Confession No. 29 — Keep your fork away from my food, and your children at home

I‘ve taken a swig from the orange juice jug when no one was looking. Ditto with eating peanut butter and lemon curd straight from the jar. I’ve yanked rogue bone fragments, tough asparagus and undercooked onions from my trap and lay them on the table beside my plate. I’ve slurped my soup and belched out […]