The RV Chronicles — Raindrops are falling on my head (and ruining my music)

Have you ever camped in a tent? Or been in a metal building when a gully washer pops up and starts hammering down? On one hand, it’s peaceful. On the other, it’s as scary as all get-out. The Jimmy Rockford is something between a tent and a metal building, and tonight I experienced my first […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Recipe: Fresh Chicken Chorizo

It’s been more than 30 years since I had my first taste of Mexican chorizo — tucked in a fresh flour tortilla with eggs, potatoes and cheese — and I’ve loved it ever since. Use it anywhere you’d use any other Mexican-themed meat — with tacos, tostadas (pictured), eggs or even added to queso fundido.  Want […]

Confession No. 92 — My new hidden addiction? (Recipe: Queso Fundido w/ Salsa Quemada)

I‘m a channel flipper. My propensity has introduced me on the radio to everything from XXX-rated talk shows (no kidding) to relatively unknown music from Clem Snide, Seasick Steve and Ray LaMontagne, among others. Flipping through TV broadcasts lately has led me to beautiful places that I never knew existed, docu-dramas about misbehaving felines and […]

Confession No. 73 — Peanut Butter cookies should always be criss-crossed … and other words of wisdom

D on’t part ways on an angry note. And that includes going to sleep. It’s not always easy, but heed my advice. You’ll be glad you did. If one generic-brand can is dented, all of them are. Avoid using your middle finger in traffic. I don’t know why, but the recipient of your sign language […]

Confession No. 30 — Texas-style? I’ll be the judge of that.

A friend and co-worker recently took me to task after reading a beerfly review that I’d posted on BeerAdvocate. It all boiled down to my use of three words: authentic British pub. When she asked me whether I’d ever been to a pub in England, I knew that there could be no debate. But, it […]