Confession No. 85 – So, you think you’re an expert? (Recipe: Churrasco Mixed Grill)

Churrasco Mixed Grill

I‘ve taken a swing at a backdoor slider; windsurfed on the Barnegat Bay; tried my hand at glass blowing; attempted to play guitar (and sing like Dave Grohl); and — most recently — fly a B-52 Stratofortress. Fine. I was the co-pilot in the B-52 simulator at Barksdale Air Force Base. Still, after an hour […]

Confession No. 47 – How does one control taste? Through laws, of course.

Sweet. Spicy. Smoky. Sticky. This barbecued chicken is easy to prepare and shows the crowd that you know your way around a grill. Served with cool Bowtie Pasta Salad, this is the perfect summer meal.

When the word ‘law’ is used in my home, we aren’t typically talking about Newton’s Laws, Murphy’s Law, the Healthcare Law or even Law & Order SVU — although all of those generally apply. And, though she owns the position of long arm of the law around these parts, we also aren’t usually referring to […]

Confession No. 37 — He’s not the Superman he once was, but he’s still a man of steel

Chipotle Lime Marinade

As the work on my kitchen remodel enters its third week, dusty hair and splintered fingers have become the norm. Surprises, including the live wire that has no apparent power source, pop up every day. The surprise that really sent me reeling, though, reared its head this past week. My dad is only human. I’m […]

Confession No. 3 – Food feedback can be risky business

This Thai Grilled Shrimp was delicious with diced avocados and homemade avocado dressing over a bed of butter, red leaf and romaine lettuces — garnished with mandarins and almonds.

I see feedback as a gift, and I give it regularly. If companies I’ve patronized over the years keep records in their customer service offices, there are hundreds of “Holland, Adam J.” file folders spread about the Western hemisphere. Although many of my files are flagged with the red ‘crazy high maintenance’ tab, I should […]