The Unorthodox Epicure (Recipe): Halibut Fillets w/ Sautéed Spinach & Roasted Italian Salsa

Halibut w/ Spinach & Italian Tomato Salsa — Molto buono!

So you read the recipe title and you’re thinking that I’ve gone on some sort of a healthy kick. Well, I have. Sort of. It seems that the world’s two most beautiful women (my wife and daughter) believe that they need to drop some pounds. And, based on my last visit to my favorite endocrinologist, […]

The Unorthodox Epicure (Recipe): Mexican Adobo Sauce

Mexican Adobo Sauce has a wide variety of uses. Grilled pork is among the best of them.

Ever wonder why there are so many different adobos out there — Mexican, Spanish, Filipino and so on? It’s because the word adobo means marinade. Literally. In truth, the Spanish Conquistadors deserve most of the credit for the widespread use of the word. When they were basically trying to take over the world about 600-700 […]

Food Snob Chronicles — A few food and drink lookalikes

Apricot Mustard Sauce. As delicious as it is simple to make.

Have you ever seen your twin? Or someone else’s? I came across mine in 1997 on the Disney Boardwalk in Orlando. My wife and I were at Jellyrolls, a dueling piano bar, as Cinderella babysat our kids (for $30 an hour) back in the room. Though the two straight hours of drinking overpriced beer and […]

Confession No. 122 — The little girl who cried wolf wasn’t whistling Dixie after all


It was her go-to excuse for more than 15 years. She used it to occasionally stay home from school, church and even fun family outings. It’s been so frustrating that I’ve wanted to strangle her. But as it turns out, we erred. And I’ll be damned if I shouldn’t have known better. I was a […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Is it sauce? Or gravy? (Recipe: Sun-dried Tomato Gravy)

Sun-dried Tomato Gravy. A taste of the northeast, served Southern style.

A rose, by any other name … might just be a Hibiscus. Or a Portulaca grandiflora! Such alternate names for vittles can be just as confusing. Is it macaroni? Or pasta? The answer all depends on whether you’re watching The Sopranos or The Brady Bunch. Macaroni is technically … pasta made from durum wheat. Pasta […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Food by the numbers (Recipe: Fresh Thai Spring Rolls)

Roll your own — fresh spring rolls. Crisp. Bright. Refreshing.

Did you know that the average ear of corn has about 800 kernels? Or that the typical sunflower head contains more than 1,000 seeds? Indeed, I tend to despise numbers. But knowing that a TB of salt includes about 100,000 grains is just fascinating. It’s almost as impressive as knowing that we Americans drink about […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Getting to know your meat

This isn't your ordinary pesto.

How well do you know your meat? Seriously. Are you swayed by labels that say ‘fresh’ or ‘natural?’ And that burger you’re eating … is it really made from ground chuck? Before I scare you away, this installment is only intended to serve as a quick education for your next meat-buying outing and includes nothing […]

Confession No. 60 — I’d like to order a smile with that service

How good are these Chinese eggrolls? Good enough that I don't eat them with sauce. But if you like to dip yours, this trio runs the flavor gamut.

I‘m extremely fortunate. I’ve loved every job that I’ve held in my adulthood. Yes, almost every day is Friday for me. But it wasn’t always that way. As a 15-year-old working at the local Kentucky Fried Chicken I really wanted to like my job, but I was often bored … and hungry. When I wasn’t […]

Confession No. 27 — And one more thing …

christmas beef

When I worked in radio and later in newspaper, we wrote and recorded the Dec. 31 stories well in advance so we could have the holiday off. We hawked these pieces to our audiences as the ‘best of’ the year. And the audience bought it. Following is my own list of food notables from 2011. […]

Confession No. 23 — I’d be proud to sport foodie decals on my rear window

Tex-Mex Table Salsa is traditionally served for dipping with warm tortilla chips. It's also delicious served over just about anything Tex-Mex (except sopapillas or flan). Make a double batch of this, because it goes quickly.

Most people who live vicariously through their children do so through Little League, gifted & talented classes and beauty pageants. I tend to do it through forks, skewers and chopsticks. You probably see your fair share of homemade rear window decals used by cheeky moms and dads to advertise their son’s youth league baseball exploits, […]