Food Snob Chronicles — (Recipe): Chinese Hot & Sour Soup

My love affair with Chinese Hot & Sour Soup began long ago. Well before I realized what I wanted to do when I grew up. Years before I met my soul mate. And it happened in my little hometown. Longview, Texas is a catfish and chain restaurant town. I remember a mom & pop Italian […]

Food Snob Chronicles — (Recipe): Manhattan Clam Chowder

What makes a good clam chowder? Well, despite that I was a celebrity judge at the 1996 Chowderfest on Long Beach Island, NJ — I really can’t tell you. You see, that festival (at least back then) was a New England-style chowder contest. Since everything is bathed in cream, they all tasted good to me. Enter […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — (Recipe): Sopa de Fideos (Vermicelli Soup)

Fideo is the Sam Spade of Mexican and Tex-Mex food — its background is a cloudy mystery. We know fideo as the pasta used in sopa de fideos, or vermicelli soup. But where did it come from? And how did it end up here, as a popular soup served first course at Mexican-themed restaurants? One […]

Food Snob Chronicles – Up to your ears: More summertime soup

First things first — today’s recipe for Mexican-style Cream of Corn Soup has no culinary historical significance in Mexico. But its main ingredients do. As far as corn goes, well … I often joke that most Mexican food contains the same 3-4 ingredients — and all dishes include corn. The corn part is not so […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Soup in summer? You bet your squash blossoms!

We don’t much think of soup during the dog days of summer. Why? Who the hell knows? We manage to eat other hot foods from the grill and — let’s face it — from the stove and oven during July and August. Truth is, some summer fruits and vegetables don’t receive worthy attention when it […]

Food Snob Chronicles — It’s all in the label … and then some

I read labels long before it became the popular thing to do. Food and beverage labels.  Cleaning solution labels.  Even shampoo bottle labels. (And I can correctly spell and pronounce methylchloroisothiazolinone to prove it!) While some people have a knack for finding goofs in movies and TV, my talent involves questioning and often rewriting labels […]

Confession No. 116 – Why some boys should be more like their moms (Recipe: Pasta e Fagioli)

Want to know how a girl will be when she grows up? Go no further than her mom. That young lady might be quiet and unassuming now. She might not be wearing turquoise-colored eye shadow or dye her hair in the loudest shade of red. She will though. I’ve seen it a million times. She’ll […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Become an all-star Thanksgiving host in five easy steps

Believe it or not, most Thanksgiving guests won’t remember your China pattern. Nor are they likely to recall that bottle of wine that you keep bragging about. Want everyone to have a memorable experience? By all means, dust off your dinnerware and spend a few bucks on that 2008 vintage. But consider a few more […]

Food Snob Chronicles – Stuffing for thought: Thanksgiving uncensored

To love your food is to know your food. And I’ll bet there are a few things you didn’t know about the feast served in late-November each year. Leave it to the politicians President Franklin Roosevelt, between 1939-41, pushed Thanksgiving back a week to boost the economy. It turned into a quite a cluster-gobble, since […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Some Halloween treat tidbits

Scary stories, costumes and chilling front-porch scenes are all important supporting cast members. But Halloween is about the treats. Break me off a piece! Hershey and Nestle might battle it out for convenience store supremacy, but the two mega-chocolate producers work as one when it comes to Kit Kat — the fastest growing candy bar […]