The Unorthodox Epicure: Unplugged

Want to know the one thing about me that I’ve never discussed in these pages over nearly five years here? Grab your headphones and head over to Food Blog Radio, where I had a sit-down with Gary House and Sara DeLeeuw. While you’re there, why not subscribe to future broadcasts? It’s truly a delicious show. Getting there is easy. Just […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Shrimp & Pasta w/ Fresh Tomato Basil Cream

Aside from citrus, tomatoes are my favorite fruit to grow. And, despite that I’ve propagated dozens of varieties over the years, I’ve neither popped a cherry tomato into my mouth, nor have I indulged with a fresh slice of this nightshade family member. Strange, I know. (Hey, I warned you about people like me!) Because […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Hollandaise 101

If the Internet had existed a century ago, Hollandaise would’ve been hailed as a quick three-ingredient sauce that’s perfect for vegetables or seafood. Hashtags like #emulsifybaby and #eggsheartbutter would’ve undoubtedly been near the top of the rankings. And the pale yellow sauce certainly would’ve graced a few e-magazine covers as the latest and greatest topper […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — Thai Grilled Chicken

Imagine this scenario: You pull into your driveway after a long day at work; you exit your car and the first thing that hits you is the aroma of whatever is cooking on the neighbor’s grill.  Oh, you’ve planned your menu and have insisted on sticking to it. But your Aunt Martha’s famous tuna casserole […]

Confession No. 113 — Some food fads can’t fade quickly enough (Recipe: Asian Chicken Meatballs w/ Szechuan Garlic Sauce)

What were long considered novelties in the world of pabulum and potables have become all too predictable. Now, I’m not typically one to take on my counterparts in the world of culinarians, but golly gee whilikers! Enough already with pumpkin-flavored this and bacon-enhanced that! And kale? Who made the executive decision to remove it from […]

Confession No. 83 — Tell me, Duckie … How are you unlucky?

To steal part of a line from the late Lou Gehrig, I consider myself to be a lucky guy. Very lucky. I’ve neither won a lottery nor learned that I was the sole heir to a long-lost billionaire relative’s fortune. I’ve only picked the exacta once — it was an off-track quarter-horse race. And I’ve […]

Confession No. 56 – Please, just get to the point.

Many people think of me as a windbag. Some also believe that arrogance flows through my veins. Possibly so on both counts, but one thing’s for sure — I’m a man of double standards. Especially when it comes to conversations. In short, I much prefer being behind life’s virtual podium to being on the audience side. […]