Confession No. 21 — I should have eaten the English pea salad long ago

Between explaining to the day care this past week that my grandson did not learn obscene gestures from me, and cringing about my new medication, I turned over a new culinary leaf.

I ate food homemade by people I don’t know.

I won’t go into my usual 800-word rant here. The bottom line is that one of my favorite local restaurants was once closed during the lunch hour by the local health department, and I regularly eat at places run by unkempt teens who are more concerned with answering their text messages. Yet, potluck meals — usually crafted by loving hands — have always made me nervous.

It could be that I grew up just after the era of fried chicken and buttermilk pies. At the potluck dinners I attended during my formative years, tuna surprise and (canned) English pea salad were the buffet highlights. I do a little better at other people’s homes … Mostly because I usually manage to make my way to the kitchen or grill and help with preparation. Still, I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable, and I don’t know why.

I was invited to a lunch this past week at which everyone brought something from home. Sure. A couple of folks played it safe and stopped by the local KFC, but there was a variety of goods made in kitchens just like mine. I managed to eat overcooked dirty rice, strangely flavored chicken wings and chili (made with beans, no less). But the company was excellent, which made the dishes palatable … even good, in a couple of cases.

I know most people, including my four loyal readers, are eons ahead of me when it comes to my recent realization. But just in case you share my fears, take my advice and eat the English pea salad.

Migas is a Spanish word for crumbs, or the Spanish dish made from leftover bread. The Tex-Mex version uses corn tortilla ‘crumbs’ with eggs and a few other ingredients, and is quite addictive. Migas are not, by the way, good potluck fare.


5 large — eggs
¼ cup — heavy cream -or- half & half

This just a basic migas recipe. The dish is also delicious with chorizo (cooked and drained) and pulled pork. Add them to the pan when you add the eggs. Served with warmed flour tortillas, a side of black beans and sliced avocado, migas make an excellent ‘breakfast for dinner’.

3 — thin corn tortillas, sliced in strips
1 — Tablespoon canola oil
4 — green onions, diced
½ cup — shredded melting cheese (cheddar, queso quesadilla)
¼ cup — chopped fresh cilantro
¼ cup — salsa
½ teaspoon — chili powder

Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

In a mixing bowl, lightly whisk eggs, cream, salsa, chili powder and black pepper. Set aside.

Heat oil in skillet over medium heat. Add tortillas and cook, turning often, until edges start to crisp. Add onions. Cook another minute, or so, then add egg mixture. Stir mixture
lightly until soft-set, then add cheese, folding gently. Turn off heat.

Add cilantro and salt. Serve immediately.


  1. Sounds good. Buzzed you.

  2. tuna surprise. sounds lovely hahah!

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