Food Snob Chronicles — Texas Rib Sandwich

Texas, when it comes to barbecue, is known for slow smoked brisket. When done correctly, there is no better protein on planet earth. But, as the old saying goes — chocolate cake every day doesn’t taste as sweet. Enter barbecued pork ribs.

If you walk into any respectable (mom and pop) barbecue joint in the Lone Star State, you’ll see ribs listed on the sandwich menu. It’s a simple concoction of succulent bone-in ribs on a bun. The sauce, pickles and onions are always served on the side. And there’s usually a roll of paper towels at the table.

Why do we leave the bone in the ribs? Well, we just do. It’s less convenient, but an important part of the experience. Feel free to remove the bones before you assemble this Texas-born masterpiece. It’ll taste just the same and you won’t need as many paper towels.

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Texas Rib Sandwich

The Texas Rib Sandwich — Messy and downright wonderful.

The Texas Rib Sandwich — Messy and downright wonderful.

Texas Rib Sandwich
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: American
Serves: 5
Add to each bottom bun:
  1. -3 Ribs
  2. Sliced onions
  3. Pickles
  4. Top with more sauce, if desired.
  5. Break out the wet wipes and paper towels.
Pickled jalapeno peppers are a favorite of some people, opposed to the dill pickles. Also, consider adding a few drops of Louisiana-style hot sauce.



  1. Holy cow, I just about licked my screen, Adam. Leave my bones in, please. The sandwich sounds (and looks) awesome that way.

  2. Oh my word, I’m drooling….and I LOVE your BBQ sauce recipe. I would, however, have to take the pork off of the bones before I dug in 😉

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rib sandwich in a BBQ joint before, but I’ll take two of yours, please.

    • adamjholland says:

      Jason – Just look up on the board where they have that long list of meats. You’ll see ‘by the lb.’ or ‘sandwich.’ And you know what? I don’t know too many people who could finish two of these, though I’d serve them up just to see it happen. Hope all is well. 🙂

      • You’re probably right. I never look at the sandwich section in BBQ joints. A lot of places take their leftover meat from the day before, chop it up and warm it up with sauce for their sandwiches. I always get it fresh by the pound. That and I don’t eat a lot of bread of carbs per doctor’s orders. But I’d cheat with your sandwich. 😉

        All’s good here. Who couldn’t be happy with a 6 month old? Did you see my pictures of him yesterday on my blog? How’s East Texas treating you? Get enough rain last month?

        • adamjholland says:

          The leftover meat is usually destined for the sloppy joe’s. My bbq joint of choice pulls the whole slab or brisket from the smoker and chops it right there in front of you. — Didn’t get a notification of the new blog post, but I just went over there and that boy of yours is gonna be a lady killer! And those wings look great!

  4. Oh man, this stuff is the good life. I hadn’t seen your pork rib recipe so I’m super excited that you not only shared this recipe, but one for the ribs too as I’ve always wanted a really great rib recipe. Both the sandwich and the ribs look amazing!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday, Adam. I hope you ate at least five of these to celebrate.

  6. I love ribs, but I think the bones would be a terrible convenience in a sandwich!!

  7. I have never seen a sandwich with the ribs left in. And I love those pickles on top. Denver just doesn’t have it’s share of good BBQ joints …. darnit.

    • adamjholland says:

      I have received numerous emails, Facebook responses and comments here about those damn bones. I understand that you can’t eat the bones. It’s a messy sandwich this way, but dang! (Slide the meat from the bone before assembling and you won’t have to try to understand that that’s how we roll down here.)

  8. I can see why this would be served with a roll of paper towels. I’m trying to picture how you eat the sandwich with the bones in but I wouldn’t pass this up.

    • adamjholland says:

      OK, Diane. Y’all got me. I’m really a dog. I like bones. 😉 Truth is, you scrape the meat from those bones before you eat it. But, as I mention above, any self-respecting Texas barbecue joint serves them up this way.

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