The RV Chronicles — I’ve done salted my peanuts with my TV watching

When I’m not hand-washing dishes to the tunes of Whiskey River or Mojo Hand, I’m mostly plying stubborn wrinkles with a tiny iron that leaks when on steam mode. My background ironing music? Mostly television shows that are largely forgotten or ignored by awards committees.

About a year before heading out on this trek, we cut the cord on Chestnut Lane and became a digital antenna/Roku family. Because we had two networks coming into our home, lagging just didn’t happen. It’s not the same in the Jimmy Rockford. Here, I share a network with 20-some odd residents who inhabit the same little concrete loop.

Needless to say, I’m limited by the channels from my antenna — a plethora of Vietnamese-language game shows, more Spanish-language church services than one can shake a palo at, a channel that shows old short-lived sitcoms and another that features only crime dramas and documentaries. So far – and it never fails – when Mr. Sandman brings me a dream before I’ve set the sleep timer, I’m awakened by a guy named Armando who wants to teach me his secret methods for becoming a real estate magnate.

Despite my limited TV (and I don’t watch much anyway), I’ve learned a new phrase that will find its way into my verbal arsenal

‘You done salted your peanuts, Mister!’

I’m neither sure of the character who said it, nor its exact meaning. But it comes from Here Come the Brides and was spoken by a woman with a serious drawl to a man who duped her into helping him escape jail.

There's no room for peanuts here unless I rearrange my priorities.

There’s no room for peanuts here unless I rearrange my priorities.

When it comes to the spaciousness of an RV on a lot (versus real life) and its many so-called amenities – the built-in TV antenna notwithstanding – I might just know how this woman was feeling.


Confession: I used to stock the pantry and fridge with Stubb’s and other high quality sauces out of sheer pleasure. These days though, it’s all about survival. Sure, I could get my sustenance with peanut butter. But I’ll be damned if I’m giving up flavor because I’ve chosen to live in a camper for however long. So, Stubb’s and a mere handful of other fine sauce purveyors have come along for the ride.

I’ve told you before that I’ve been a Stubb’s customer for a long time. (And yes. I’ve been known to enjoy live music at the Red River Street location in Austin.) One day, not long ago, the nice folks at Stubb’s called on me and asked if they could send me some sauces and such. The catch? I just have to cook with them and let my 14 subscribers know what I think. That’s a no-brainer, since I’m responsible for at least one of the company’s Christmas bonuses through all of these years.

Sure, the neighbors were looking as I breathed a sigh of relief.

Sure, the neighbors were looking … as I breathed a sigh of relief.

My most recent foray into the expanding world of Stubb’s sauces was the Texas Sriracha Anytime Sauce. Now, keep in mind that Stubb’s markets its Anytime Sauce selections as dips, marinades or basting sauces. Truth is, they’re also outstanding as condiments and bring-togethers, as I call them.

Stubb’s Texas Sriracha Anytime Sauce is best described as a combination of Sriracha and tangy Texas-style barbecue sauce. It came to my rescue this week, as I used it to bring together Hatch chiles and cheese on my little charcoal grill. Most people would consider these to be appetizers, but I served them as dinner and went to bed a happy camper.

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Cheesy Texas Sriracha Hatch Poppers

Cheesy Texas Sriracha Hatch Poppers — Is it an appetizer? A meal? Or both?

Cheesy Texas Sriracha Hatch Poppers — Is it an appetizer? A meal? Or both?

5.0 from 2 reviews
Cheesy Texas Sriracha Hatch Poppers
Cheesy Texas Sriracha Hatch Poppers make a great meatless meal or a memorable appetizer.
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: Tex-Mex/New-Mex
  • 4-6 – Hatch chiles (preferably 4 smaller ones)
  • 1 cup – Cream cheese
  • 1 cup – Sharp Cheddar, shredded
  • 2 TB – Stubb's Texas Sriracha Anytime Sauce, plus more for drizzling
Prepare the chiles
  1. Near the stem of the chile, cut crossways about halfway through, then cut a slit lengthwise down the middle of the pepper. (You're cutting a 'T'.)
  2. Carefully remove seeds. If the pepper tears a little, that's fine.
Assemble the poppers
  1. Combine cream cheese and 2 TB Stubb's Texas Sriracha Anytime Sauce.
  2. Fold in ¾ cup of the Cheddar.
  3. Divide filling between the peppers, using a small spatula to stuff them.
  4. Divide the remaining Cheddar between the peppers, sprinkling atop and pressing down slightly so that unmelted cheese doesn't end up on the ground.
  5. Refrigerate while you prepare the grill. *If refrigerating more than 20-30 minutes, cover with plastic wrap (may be prepared a day in advance).
Cook'em and watch them disappear
  1. Place the poppers Over charcoal or a medium-hot gas grill, and cook until chiles are slightly charred and cheese is melted, about 10 minutes.



  1. OH – this weekend I must make these! We preorder our Hatch chiles and then pick them up, already roasted at the grocery store on Saturday morning. I will pick up some unroasted and make this dish – oh my goodness it will be delish!

  2. These look so good, Adam! I can’t believe you’re still whipping up such tasty things given your new living quarters. And trust me, you ain’t missing anything on the TV :p These look so good – perfect side dish to make on the grill :p

  3. I want that! RV life seems to suit you! You can salt my peanuts anytime.

  4. Huh. Trying to figure out what, “You done salted your peanuts Mister!” Would translate to in metro-New York speak. Probably something not very nice.

    RV Chronicle Request: a crock pot recipe. Please. All of mine come out tasting that same rubbery, chewy, boiled muddled crock pot taste. No matter what recipe I make. I challenge you!

    • adamjholland says:

      Dang, Megan. I made one today, except it wasn’t in the Crock-Pot. I have this contraption that slow cooks, steams, boils, fries and cooks under high pressure (wife is a QVC addict). Anyway, I won a pork roast at a function recently — someone’s FFA project (her name was Rose, if memory serves me). Rose’s roast was too big for the RV freezer though, so I cooked up some pulled pork for the fine ladies in the communications department at my job. No photos. And no recipe. Still, I accept your challenge and then some. Stay tuned, my friend.

  5. STUBB’S MAKES A SRIRACHA SAUCE??? (yes, I am yelling!) I always keep one (or three or four) jars of Stubb’s handy in the fridge and/or pantry. Of course I ate at the “real” Stubb’s on Red River numerous times when I lived in Austin during the good ol’ days. Now I am on the hunt for that Sriracha sauce. I found out more Hatch chiles are available today in town too! OMG I’m living the dream, hehe!

  6. Sub the Hatch peppers with?
    Ain’t got none up here in Pac NW. At least that I am aware of.
    I believe that Hatch peppers are a seasonal treat that you get only from the Southwest.
    Am I right?
    The Stubb’s sauce sounds as good as the last one. I will look for it. I am already halfway through the first bottle.
    I am looking forward to that Crock Pot recipe as well and agree with the other writer that most of them taste about the same once they are cooked. However, being able to put supper in one pot in the morning or when I come home for lunch, having supper ready to go is just a wonderful thing.

    • adamjholland says:

      I would sub with Anaheim peppers. Hatch peppers are a New Mexico thing and they are widely available around here (SE Texas) this time of year. Stubb’s is good stuff. Like I’ve said before, I like some varieties better than others, but I feel good about using any of them.

  7. Love these poppers. Very creative. That Texas Sriracha sauce sounds really good. I’ll have to look for it. I too have received a shipment from them. I’ve never tried their sauces and look forward to my samplings. Since I’m not a big smoker, I’m going to try an oven brisket recipe I found in an old cookbook when I was back in Kansas last week. Wish me luck with that $50 chunk of meat. 🙂 I’ve never cooked a brisket before.

    • adamjholland says:

      Just remember — low and slow. I would go at 250F in a large roasting pan. Make sure you put the fat side up. I’m sure it’ll be delicious.


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