The RV Chronicles — Celebrating 22 at the ‘Jimmy Rockford’ (Recipe: Pumpkin Bread Pudding w/ Apple Cider Caramel)

Pumpkin Bread Pudding w/ Apple Cider Caramel — Gooey fall goodness

Dear Catherine — Who would’ve thought that you’d be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary grading papers? Or watching our baby girl’s very last high school marching band performance? I never would have guessed that all these together years would be celebrated over Dairy Queen soft serve. Neither could I have predicted that, on our 22nd […]

The RV Chronicles — Playing the shell game at the ‘Jimmy Rockford’ (Recipe: Brazilian style Shrimp Stew)

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I managed to make it to our fourth child before I had to take the reins and become an insurance negotiator, symptom translator and prescription picker-upper. Boy howdy! Yes, the boy was sick this week. ‘Good morning. I have a sick child and would like to make an appointment,’ I said to the lady on […]

The RV Chronicles — My own Walden … Sort of (Recipe: Chuck Wagon Stew)

Chuck Wagon Stew — Whether you make it outdoors or in your modern kitchen, this stuff is memory worthy.

If Henry David Thoreau made solitude seem attractive, the Jimmy Rockford makes it downright delicious. I no doubt miss conversations with my bride, and even the occasional dog bark or bickering match between children. But my oft loneliness these days rewards me with unexpected replays of long forgotten memories. One of those recollections came on […]

Confession No. 22 — Some of my tastebuds have never changed

This might be the perfect snacking cake. You probably have the ingredients on hand, and it's so easy to make, a caveman could do it. Not to mention, it's pure bliss served warm with a pat of butter and a cup of coffee.

I‘m waxing nostalgic this week and it has very little to do with Thanksgiving. Sure, the only family at my table will be those who are immediately related. But I’m good with that. I’m a bit melancholy, however, about something I saw play out on Monday. Under a gray sky and a steady cold drizzle, […]

Confession No. 14 — Autumn gets me every year

Forget the cheap Paula Deen brand candles. This pumpkin cobbler smells more like autumn than maple leaves falling in a light rain. As for calories ... they're in there! Still, whipped cream is a great accompaniment.

I was beginning to think that September 23 would never arrive this year. During the past few weeks in northeast Texas, we breathed the smoke of several out-of-control wildfires. The outside air was no better than than it had been in July — at least 100 degrees, with nary a drop of rain. But September […]