The RV Chronicles — Opening Day ain’t so bad at the ‘Jimmy Rockford’ (Recipe: Brick Chili)

If baseball is America’s pastime, why isn’t Opening Day a national holiday? I mean, our friends in Washington have set aside Columbus Day and Presidents Day as official days off. And then there’s Thanksgiving, which was an on-and-off celebration for the first 100 years of our nation’s history. Before you go thinking that I’m starting […]

The RV Chronicles — Oh, what a July it’s been! (Recipe: Sweet Black Pepper Meatball Sandwiches)

I had a feeling that July 2016 might be one of my best. And when I wasn’t coerced into attending a fireworks display early in the month, I knew there’d be a happy ending come the 31st. Sure, I managed some bucket list stuff this month – riding the Amtrak from Texas to Chicago, staying […]

The RV Chronicles — Stained silk and happy tears (Recipe: Fiery Jalapeno Relish)

Most people would chalk up a chili-stained silk shirt as an unfortunate incident. When said blotch comes two bites prior to a glob of mustard to the pants, it becomes a bad lunch. But not for me. After tweaking my Fiery Jalapeno Relish, I was bound and determined to celebrate the new baseball season in […]

Food Snob Chronicles — The 2014 Ballpark Tour: Chicago (South Side)

There are plenty of reasons to love Chicago. Mine are the deep dish pizza, Chicken Vesuvio and the most confused hot dog in the world (Is it a salad or a hot dog?). The windy city, which actually has less wind than a lot of other cities, has also gained some fame for the local […]

Food Snob Chronicles – The 2014 Ballpark Food Tour: Miami

While it’s never a bad time to catch a baseball game, May has always been my favorite month for heading to the ballpark. I’ve even risked life and limb to attend a May game.  If you hate hot and sticky weather and you live in greater Miami — Go. Now. Sure, Marlins Park has a […]

Food Snob Chronicles – The 2014 Ballpark Food Tour: Philadelphia (Recipe: Schmitter Sandwich)

The swallows of San Juan Capistrano have returned and that means the boys of summer aren’t far behind. I have but a few passions in my life and The Game is one of them. I’ve been fortunate to have attended a good many professional baseball games in my years — many as a reporter with […]

Confession No. 12 — I have effluvious memories of every game I’ve attended.

Every spectator sports crowd has at least one among them — the concession stand special-orderer … the person who will eat only during a particular quarter or inning … the guy who refuses to use a cup holder if it’s installed on the back of the seat in front of him. The inconvenient oddball. Someone like […]

Confession No. 6 — Frankly, I think every day should be National Hot Dog Day

I‘ll bet you didn’t know that Saturday, July 23 was a national holiday. Well, sort of. It was the day designated in 2011 to celebrate the hot dog. And maybe eat a few million of them. Had you attended the St. Paul (Minn.) Saints’ Saturday game against the Sioux City Explorers, and were among the […]