The RV Chronicles — Living más at lot 27 (Recipe: Crunchy Grilled Burritos)

So, the big news this week is not much. But it is enough to sustain us. We traveled to the Piney Woods and I was able to take a shower in a reasonably sized tub. Also, my doctor didn’t lecture me this time. Baby Girl, on the other hand, landed her left foot in a […]

Food Snob Chronicles — The ‘Chilada … Kid-friendly Tex-Mex goodness

When you happen upon a dish that your kid likes, it’s a good thing. When said dish doesn’t involve chicken nuggets or over-salted gravy, it’s like discovering gold. My kid, as it turns out, likes anything topped with black olives. So, when he caught a glimpse of the Chilada at the local Taco Casa drive-thru […]