The RV Chronicles — Tighter than an elephant in a suitcase

A 32-foot RV sounds good to someone who has spent many nights in a two-pound tent. But hanging my hat here for the foreseeable future will undoubtedly test my claustrophobic tendencies. My bedroom is a queen-sized bed … and that’s it. Seriously, there are about 10 inches between the mattress and the wall. The bathroom […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Cast Iron: The original (and still the best) non-stick all-purpose cookware (Recipe: Dutch Oven Lasagna)

So much for a mystery. Since you know where I’m going with this, I’ll get right to the bullet points. Cast Iron Cookware does: have better thermal capacity than most other cookware metals, including copper, aluminum and stainless steel; conduct heat 5 times better than stainless steel; have non-stick properties to that of the leading […]