The Unorthodox Epicure — Eating chips and queso with C.B. Stubblefield (Recipe: Stubb’s Chili con Queso)


Once in a blue moon, my out-of-the-box thinking turns into a reward. And the folks at Stubb’s® regularly lead me to that creative corner. Now, before you start thinking this is one of those sponsored posts, just stop. Not that I don’t accept sponsorships from purveyors of products that I actually love, but my relationship with Stubb’s® […]

Confession No. 139 — Some folks doth protest too much, methinks (Recipe: Apple Brie Crostini)

Apple Brie Crostini —

Unlike many friends and even more acquaintances, I watched the nationwide protests of this mid-January with nary an ounce of consternation. Before you go thinking that I’m indifferent or have internally marginalized those who choose to question authority, I implore you to get to know me. Truth is, I’ve openly challenged jurisdiction more times than […]

The RV Chronicles — My dinner is better than their dinner


One of the cool things about living in an RV park is you know what everyone is having for dinner. The popular grub around here is spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese and just about anything grilled.  About once a week though, someone fires up a charcoal grill for steak night. Who knows whether it’s […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Pimento Cheese Patty Melt w/ Peppery Brown Sugar Bacon

Pimento Cheese Patty Melt w/ Peppery Brown Sugar Bacon — Need I say more?

Who says a patty melt isn’t a burger? My good friend, Shea Goldstein at Dixie Chik Cooks. That’s who! While the history of this buttery, beefy, heavenly sandwich is cloudy at best, we do know that it’s been served at diners and burger joints in the U.S. since at least the 1940s.  The classic version […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Orzo w/ Manchego and Peas

Orzo w/ Manchego and Peas

I don’t typically care for rules. But the long-established rules for Manchego Cheese are different. First, to be called Manchego, this wheel of wonderfulness must have been made in the La Mancha region of Spain with milk from the Manchega breed of sheep. Manchego must be cave-aged for a minimum of three months, and the […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Olive Oil 101

weeknight Italian

Olives, according to archeologists, have been around at least 19,000 years. The oil is important to many religions, economies … and cooks. This quick read is more of a primer on buying and using Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your kitchen. What do they mean – ‘first pressing?’ Unless your Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes […]

Confession No. 63 — When a patient deserves no patience

The rich chili con queso served over Tex-Mex Cheese Tacos is the real deal. Nothing processed. No 'cheese food product.'

Ferris Bueller I’m not. I’m incapable of fluttering eyelashes pathetically at my caregivers. Neither am I able to feign sympathy for those people who stop everything to nurse me back to health. Hell, I’m not even good at showing gratitude in such situations. My name is Adam J. Holland and I might just be the […]

Confession No. 17 — My enchiladas aren’t really Mexican. They’re better.

If you are displaced, these enchiladas will bring you back to Texas. Careful though. They're habit-forming.

One more thing … My Tex-Mex enchiladas aren’t my own concoction. The recipe wasn’t handed down to me from ancestors, or shared with me by the owner of my favorite ‘Mexican’ restaurant. These flute-shaped little tastes of Heaven were the creation of an Austin music producer. And despite that Joe Gracey’s addictive version of gooey […]