The Unorthodox Epicure — Eating chips and queso with C.B. Stubblefield (Recipe: Stubb’s Chili con Queso)


Once in a blue moon, my out-of-the-box thinking turns into a reward. And the folks at Stubb’s® regularly lead me to that creative corner. Now, before you start thinking this is one of those sponsored posts, just stop. Not that I don’t accept sponsorships from purveyors of products that I actually love, but my relationship with Stubb’s® […]

The RV Chronicles — So, I needed some comfort

Chili Mac in a Dutch Oven — Kid friendly Taste bud-flexible. Delicious.

If you’re one of my loyal 15 followers, you might remember that I created last week’s dish after abusing myself over making campout food for the past few weeks. Truth is, I really enjoyed the calamari and pasta and such … but I also have a fondness for food that is cooked non-traditionally, at least […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Texas Chili 101

Texas-style Competition Chili — This is the stuff legends are born from.

First things first. Chile is the country and the fruit. Chili is the concoction. Who makes the best chili? Well, that all depends on where you live. If you are an Ohio native, you prefer your chili spiced with cinnamon and cloves and served over a bed of spaghetti. If you are from the northeast […]

Food Snob Chronicles — What the [bleep] am I eating? (Recipe: Frito Pie)

Frito Pie is pure Texas comfort food.

Want to know what you’re eating? Don’t read the menu. There are dozens of items at restaurants across the U.S. that say one thing, but mean something else. From the pressed beef at Arby’s, to the paper dust (added at the factory to stretch the product) in many black pepper shakers, things aren’t always as […]