The RV Chronicles — More than 800 miles I roamed…

It’s over. For the past couple of weeks I slept within the warm roomy confines of a brick and mortar structure. I cooked on a professional-grade range surrounded by granite and graced with a travertine back-splash.  I even showered in a new space that rivals the interior room of most minivans. Christmas on Chestnut Lane […]

Food Snob Chronicles – Christmas movies that make me hungry

  There have been many — some in black & white; others in Technicolor; and a few that were drawn onto slides. These scenes all have two things in common: They involve holiday meals, and they make me hungry. Following are a few scenes that — no matter what time of day I see them […]

Confession No. 117 – A Letter to Santa, 2013

Dear Santa, It’s been just more than a year since I last wrote you. Not bad, considering I hadn’t previously written to you in more than 35 years. I know I’m about 11 months late in thanking you for all that you did last year. Hopefully you understand that by January I don’t want to […]

Confession No. 115 — It’s the holiday season. Let the excitement begin!

Ah, the holidays. The season has arrived when one can turn on the TV at any given time and see biting weather forecasts, flight delays and Angel Tree thefts. Not to mention the open houses and secret Santa gift exchanges with people you’d rather avoid. The cheer only lasts a month. Enjoy it at your […]

Confession No. 69 — Mea Culpa (Recipe: Beef & ‘Basa Sandwiches)

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time to play catch-up and hopefully get myself removed from the ‘naughty’ list over the next few weeks. Concessions and apologies are always a good way to start. First, to my doctor — I know you’re probably baffled as to why my weight hasn’t changed during the […]

Confession No. 26 — I have a six million dollar answer to most New Year’s resolutions (Recipe: Coconut Cheesecake)

Look around and listen for a moment. Do you hear the rigmarole or see the collective spectacle of New Year’s resolutions? My iPod has been set to Jazz/Standards for the past three days; and the only TV I’ve watched are DVD episodes of “The Six Million Dollar Man.” Yet, I keep crossing paths with empty […]

Confession No. 25 – A stocking full of coal isn’t necessarily the worst thing (Recipe: Sand Tart cookies)

It has been said about me that I am an oft-complaining malcontent … a killjoy who carries around a wet blanket … a partypooping grinch. In a strange twist of irony, those are just the labels my wife pinned on me during our first Christmas together. It all began to unfold before I topped off […]