The RV Chronicles — More than 800 miles I roamed…

It’s over. For the past couple of weeks I slept within the warm roomy confines of a brick and mortar structure. I cooked on a professional-grade range surrounded by granite and graced with a travertine back-splash.  I even showered in a new space that rivals the interior room of most minivans. Christmas on Chestnut Lane […]

The RV Chronicles — Home cooking … on wheels (Recipe: Skillet Fideos w/ Smoked Sausage)

To me, it conjures images of chicken & dumplings, fried chicken and porcupine meatballs. My wife, on the other hand, thinks of spaghetti and meatballs and stuffed cabbage. Home cooked comfort food. This past week I was listening to a couple of folks in the office compare their fideos (vermicelli) recipes. I’m quite familiar with […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Cushaw: The best pumpkin you’ve never heard of

If we can have Christmas in July, why can’t we have Thanksgiving in August? Yep, we’re talking pumpkin today. And this pumpkin — the Cushaw — is usually harvested during the hot months, like its summer squash brethren. What is a Cushaw Pumpkin? This striped beauty goes by many common names, including Tennessee Sweet Potato […]

Confession No. 128 – Back to the days of Christopher Robin

Most of my memories begin with a letter. I wrote it as my son slept beneath a swaying mobile in his dimly lit nursery. A CD player with soft volume was set to shuffle Kenny Loggins’ Return to Pooh Corner. Catherine and I had converted our first child’s room from an office to a little […]

Confession No. 108 — Sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but words hurt forever (Recipe: Baked Apple Cider Donuts)

My heart was broken this week. It happened as a result of hearing second-hand information — third-hand, really. Still, an indirect quotation in this case was enough to crush my spirit. I learned that one of our children has trudged through his young life in a state of melancholy. And it’s all because of something an […]

Confession No. 59 — Make that six reasons I despise competition cooking shows (Recipe: Southern Chicken & Dumplings)

It’s true. I’m guilty of taking the opposite side — just for the sake of argument. But my reasons for not liking the existing lineup of ‘competition’ cooking shows is as organic as heirloom tomatoes growing in a field of elephant manure. I’ve tried — multiple times — to like what America (and my wife) […]

Confession No. 57 — The icebox went the way of the Corvair, but the ‘g’ in guacamole is still silent

Doomsdayers claim that the world will soon cease to exist. Naysayers wish that it would, since everything has gone to hell in a hand basket. Just ignore them. Fortunately and not so fortunately on occasion, some things have remained constant during the past 50-60 years. But a lot has changed — much of it good. […]

Confession No. 40 — Comfort foods don’t always appear early in life

The event that I dreaded most was nearing. Unlike some funerals, weddings or birthday parties, I would not be able draw a pass with a believable excuse. She already knew me too well. Besides, it’s a rite of courtship that no one can avoid without long-term consequences. I would be meeting her family on their […]

Confession No. 19 — Here we go again with the blasted healthy lifestyle change

I think I’ll quit scheduling autumn doctor appointments. Probably the winter ones too. It appears, after listening to the trimonthly lecture from my friendly neighborhood endocrinologist this past week, that the days of making everything better with heavy cream are history. Bacon and all other fatty meats will no longer be the norm in our […]