The RV Chronicles — Getting primitive at the ‘Jimmy Rockford’ (Recipe: Dutch Oven Blackberry Cobbler)

Dutch Oven Blackberry Cobbler — A grown-up dessert

I own plenty of kitchen tools that could be considered modern or high-tech. It’s stuff that cuts cleanly, heats evenly and mixes perfectly. Even at the Jimmy Rockford, my temporary RV home, I occasionally employ a pre-programmed pressure cooker or an uber-modern sous vide wand. But lately, I’ve been going more primitive with my cooking […]

Confession No. 140 — Waste not … and never want again (Recipe: Stove Top Rice Pudding)

Stove Top Rice Pudding —

Have you ever swigged from a glass of water only to realize that it’s lemon lime soda? No matter how much you might enjoy the latter, such a surprise makes for a bad experience. Such was the case with my first turnip. ‘Mmmm, a pot of greens,’ I said to my childhood friend as we […]

The RV Chronicles — Serving up some sunshine

Grapefruit Brûlée — Luscious. Sunshine.

It’s been more than four years since I first sang the praises in these pages of school cafeteria employees.  I was reminded earlier this week why I’m such a fan. Did you know that school food service workers are often the first and last line of defense in identifying and seeking help for malnourished and […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — Cranberry Lime Sorbet

But the dry tart flavor makes it an outstanding warm weather last course. Lime adds a little zing and another summer flavor

I can’t remember where I tasted my first sorbet, but I remember it was sky blue in color and that I felt gypped. ‘Why are we getting ice cream before dinner — and why only one small scoop,’ I asked my parents? ‘That’s sorbet, Adam,’ my mom responded. ‘It’s not dessert. It’s a palate cleanser.’ […]

Confession No. 14 — Autumn gets me every year

Forget the cheap Paula Deen brand candles. This pumpkin cobbler smells more like autumn than maple leaves falling in a light rain. As for calories ... they're in there! Still, whipped cream is a great accompaniment.

I was beginning to think that September 23 would never arrive this year. During the past few weeks in northeast Texas, we breathed the smoke of several out-of-control wildfires. The outside air was no better than than it had been in July — at least 100 degrees, with nary a drop of rain. But September […]