Confession No. 131 — Water? Gasoline? Or dynamite? Well, that all depends.

My real life job as a public relations guy requires me to bite my tongue. Quite often. And it’s not always easy. Many times, I’ve had to stifle my thoughts and comments when it comes to absurd inquiries from the press and their award-desiring editors. There are plenty of other instances when I must tap […]

Confession No. 98 — Want drama? Go to your nearest middle school.

Kitchen Nightmares. The Bachelor. Jerseylicious. Desperate Housewives … They’ve got nothing on any group of 20 middle school girls. Throw in a few episodes of Dallas, General Hospital and Chopped … and you’re still not even close. In fact, there’s more drama in my home alone than in every soap opera, fake reality show and […]