The RV Chronicles — Goodbye, Mrs. Chips (Recipe: Broiled Ham & Cheese Tomatoes)

There’s a scene in Mr. Holland’s Opus in which a retiring band director is surprised by the return of his former students. Similarly, the 1939 film Goodbye, Mr. Chips is centered around a once-surly teacher who ultimately leaves footprints of great depth and breadth with his young learners. My ‘Mr. Chips’ was Sylvia Trussell. I […]

The RV Chronicles — Serving up some sunshine

It’s been more than four years since I first sang the praises in these pages of school cafeteria employees.  I was reminded earlier this week why I’m such a fan. Did you know that school food service workers are often the first and last line of defense in identifying and seeking help for malnourished and […]

The RV Chronicles — Maybe it’s the beer talking, but I’m no longer ashamed

Fine, I’m not ashamed … Just a little embarrassed.  Still, sometimes the best therapy is to just lay it all out there and move on.  Thanks perhaps to the beer tastings today at a regional grocer, I’m ready to confess. I have been a quitter for the past 25 years, or so. No, I didn’t […]

Confession No. 114 — The things I’m not thankful for (Recipe: Chocolate Apple Caramel Tart)

I don’t typically hop onto social bandwagons. If you want to work or shop on Thanksgiving, who am I to say you should be at home? If you think you deserve $15 hourly schlepping fries at McDonald’s, good for you. And if you want to list to your world of virtual friends all of the […]

Confession No. 84 — Unhappy at work? You decide. (Recipe: Guinness Beef Stew & Cauliflower Colcannon w/ Garlic Scapes)

I‘ve been unhappy in a few jobs. I worked in the dish room at the local Red Lobster. My hands, by the end of each shift, looked like prunes. My skin smelled like fish and cocktail sauce for days at a time … I also had a stint in construction as a go-fer. The money […]