The Unorthodox Epicure — Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict w/ Asparagus

Yes, it’s as exquisite as it sounds. Softly poached eggs drenched in luscious Hollandaise are enticing in their own right. Add sweet crisp-tender asparagus and succulent crab cakes and you’ve reached Beulah Land. Most things worth having are worth working for, and this dish is no exception. You’ll have to plan ahead and you’ll be […]

Confession No. 21 — I should have eaten the English pea salad long ago

Between explaining to the day care this past week that my grandson did not learn obscene gestures from me, and cringing about my new medication, I turned over a new culinary leaf. I ate food homemade by people I don’t know. I won’t go into my usual 800-word rant here. The bottom line is that […]