Food Snob Chronicles — The ‘Chilada … Kid-friendly Tex-Mex goodness

When you happen upon a dish that your kid likes, it’s a good thing. When said dish doesn’t involve chicken nuggets or over-salted gravy, it’s like discovering gold. My kid, as it turns out, likes anything topped with black olives. So, when he caught a glimpse of the Chilada at the local Taco Casa drive-thru […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — Enfrijoladas

Enfrijoladas (bean-smothered, filled tortillas) are among Mexico’s most popular ways to re-purpose leftovers. And with good reason. Many Mexican cooks keep the beans simmering almost every day, and tortillas … well. The filling can be whatever is on hand. Unlike chilaquiles, another popular Mexican dish of leftovers, you’d be hard-pressed to find enfrijoladas in a […]

Confession No. 63 — When a patient deserves no patience

Ferris Bueller I’m not. I’m incapable of fluttering eyelashes pathetically at my caregivers. Neither am I able to feign sympathy for those people who stop everything to nurse me back to health. Hell, I’m not even good at showing gratitude in such situations. My name is Adam J. Holland and I might just be the […]

Confession No. 30 — Texas-style? I’ll be the judge of that.

A friend and co-worker recently took me to task after reading a beerfly review that I’d posted on BeerAdvocate. It all boiled down to my use of three words: authentic British pub. When she asked me whether I’d ever been to a pub in England, I knew that there could be no debate. But, it […]

Confession No. 17 — My enchiladas aren’t really Mexican. They’re better.

One more thing … My Tex-Mex enchiladas aren’t my own concoction. The recipe wasn’t handed down to me from ancestors, or shared with me by the owner of my favorite ‘Mexican’ restaurant. These flute-shaped little tastes of Heaven were the creation of an Austin music producer. And despite that Joe Gracey’s addictive version of gooey […]

Confession No. 11 — Two of my favorite subjects: wiener wars and hot sauce abuse

I mostly avoid low-hanging fruit, but between a dead king, a major beef over who has the best wiener, and a sweetheart mom who employed hot sauce to land a talk show guest gig, these drupes are just too juicy to pass up. First, I want to thank Jessica Beagley, whose audition tape for the […]