The Unorthodox Epicure — Asian Chicken Salad w/ Ginger Sesame Dressing

I remember a time when I felt sort of ashamed in many restaurants. As I would sit and enjoy something fried, drenched in gravy or dripping with luscious fat, there always seemed to be someone nearby who went the salad route. And it rarely failed that we’d exchange glances — mine friendly and theirs usually […]

Food Snob Chronicles — What the [bleep] am I eating? (Recipe: Frito Pie)

Want to know what you’re eating? Don’t read the menu. There are dozens of items at restaurants across the U.S. that say one thing, but mean something else. From the pressed beef at Arby’s, to the paper dust (added at the factory to stretch the product) in many black pepper shakers, things aren’t always as […]

Confession No. 5 — I might have been wrong about the P’zone, but I’m sticking to my Peg Leg guns.

Are things as good as we remember them to be? Or do our tastes just change that much over the years? Take music, for example. I remember spending my hard-earned lawn mowing dollars on an Asia album. (I know. Asia. Please, no feedback is necessary.) The guitars, keyboards and percussion were pure rock symphony; the […]