The RV Chronicles — Still (not) cooking over my head

Though I’ve eaten quite well since moving into an RV almost six months ago, I’ve not really gone out on a culinary limb of difficulty. This week is no different. Sure, Pan-seared Halibut with Cannellini Spinach Mashers sounds really fancy, but it’s about as rustic a dish as you’ll ever serve. It’s easy too … […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — Blackened Fish w/ Mango Salsa

Confession: My first experience with blackened fish left a bitter taste in my mouth for a very long time. Too long, in fact. I might’ve been 13 or 14 when my father decided he’d try his hand at the popular Chef Paul Prudhomme brainchild. He cleaned the fish (you couldn’t buy catfish fillets back then […]

Confession No. 68 — The stuff I’m truly thankful for

Around countless Thanksgiving tables this week, people will take turns giving examples of why they feel blessed. Most of them will make mention of God, family and country. Some will reference their jobs, while others will note their health. No person over the age of 10, however, will go into detail. Except me. Family Indeed, […]

Confession No. 9 — Load up my cafeteria charge account! School’s almost in session!

In just a week, the most asked question in our home will be “Are you taking or buying?” The boy will buy almost every day. The jury is still out on our 7th grade daughter. But one thing is for sure, she’ll make up her mind each weekday morning, about the time we get in […]