The Unorthodox Epicure — Southern Pan Fried Chicken and a visit with Mr. D

I’ve had more favorite fried chicken versions than Henry VIII had wives. For most of my years, my father’s Sunday Fried Chicken was the best. But along the way, I favored Kentucky Fried Chicken (only for a few days in 1976), the drumsticks served by the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, the Peg Legs once offered […]

Confession No. 60 — I’d like to order a smile with that service

I‘m extremely fortunate. I’ve loved every job that I’ve held in my adulthood. Yes, almost every day is Friday for me. But it wasn’t always that way. As a 15-year-old working at the local Kentucky Fried Chicken I really wanted to like my job, but I was often bored … and hungry. When I wasn’t […]

Confession No. 59 — Make that six reasons I despise competition cooking shows (Recipe: Southern Chicken & Dumplings)

It’s true. I’m guilty of taking the opposite side — just for the sake of argument. But my reasons for not liking the existing lineup of ‘competition’ cooking shows is as organic as heirloom tomatoes growing in a field of elephant manure. I’ve tried — multiple times — to like what America (and my wife) […]

Confession No. 10 – Anthony Bourdain took the words right from my mouth … minus some profanity and name calling

It’s true. Sandra Lee’s show is a disaster, and Paula Deen’s food is generally bad. But Anthony Bourdain should have said more about the Food Network and its so-called ‘stars’ during a recent TV Guide interview. If you’ve not heard, Bourdain threw down the gastronomical gauntlet by basically trashing half of Food Network’s on-air talent. […]