Confession No. 139 — Some folks doth protest too much, methinks (Recipe: Apple Brie Crostini)

Apple Brie Crostini —

Unlike many friends and even more acquaintances, I watched the nationwide protests of this mid-January with nary an ounce of consternation. Before you go thinking that I’m indifferent or have internally marginalized those who choose to question authority, I implore you to get to know me. Truth is, I’ve openly challenged jurisdiction more times than […]

The RV Chronicles — Tailgating at the Jimmy Rockford (Recipe: Brats in a Blanket w/ Caramelized Kraut)

Brats in a Blanket w/ Caramelized Kraut — Ultimate football food

This ain’t no stadium parking lot and the only games being watched are piped through tacky little parabolas mounted atop cinder blocks. But it’s a tailgating atmosphere any time the mosquitoes are buzzing. A stroll to the laundry room, pool or trash dumpster brings an audible cornucopia of soundtracks — everything from Kenny Chesney to […]

Confession No. 67 — A few shout-outs … and shout-ats

Terkiyaki Steak

Everyone deserves at least some sort of recognition and, after wrapping up last month dressed as Tyler Florence, I entered November in a recognizing mood. This past week, I recognized the most important person in my world with a love letter. This week, it’s a veritable potpourri. Shout out — To everyone who put others […]

Confession No. 12 — I have effluvious memories of every game I’ve attended.

The Sriracha sauce used in this recipe might sound exotic, but it is made in California, from red jalapeno peppers. It has a kick to it, but is also somewhat sweet, like ketchup. The original Thai Sriracha is hotter and thicker.

Every spectator sports crowd has at least one among them — the concession stand special-orderer … the person who will eat only during a particular quarter or inning … the guy who refuses to use a cup holder if it’s installed on the back of the seat in front of him. The inconvenient oddball. Someone like […]