Food Snob Chronicles — Shrimp & Pasta w/ Fresh Tomato Basil Cream

Aside from citrus, tomatoes are my favorite fruit to grow. And, despite that I’ve propagated dozens of varieties over the years, I’ve neither popped a cherry tomato into my mouth, nor have I indulged with a fresh slice of this nightshade family member. Strange, I know. (Hey, I warned you about people like me!) Because […]

Food Snob Chronicles — If you want it, sometimes you just have to grow it yourself

I‘ve seen a lot of funky fruits and vegetables in my favorite food magazines and blogs — Broccoli Romanesco, purple Cauliflower, Jerusalem pickle and Surinam Cherry — that will never feel the water misters in the produce sections of most supermarkets. And, unfortunately, I don’t live around the corner from a Central Market or Whole […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Meyer Lemons 101

Google ‘Meyer Lemon’ and you’ll get more than 2.95 million returns. That’s a far cry from the 300-500 returns of just 10 years ago. What makes the increase especially interesting is that Meyer Lemons are just barely more commercially available now than they were then — which is not much. Why the increase in popularity? […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Food ain’t just for eating

Sure, some foods are great for vandals, while others are fantastic for grossing out people in the school cafeteria. But, there really are some excellent (non-eating) purposes for foods. Pickle juice – There are plenty of culinary uses for homemade and commercial pickle juice — adding to a marinade or potato salad, livening a barbecue […]