Food Snob Chronicles — Pimento Cheese Patty Melt w/ Peppery Brown Sugar Bacon

Pimento Cheese Patty Melt w/ Peppery Brown Sugar Bacon — Need I say more?

Who says a patty melt isn’t a burger? My good friend, Shea Goldstein at Dixie Chik Cooks. That’s who! While the history of this buttery, beefy, heavenly sandwich is cloudy at best, we do know that it’s been served at diners and burger joints in the U.S. since at least the 1940s.  The classic version […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — Surf & Turf Sliders w/ Caesar Slaw

Surf & Turf Sliders w/ Caesar Slaw — A four-star three-bite nosh.

After recently watching a YouTube sensation do a video review of his own concoction of fast food products, my wife and I were talking about burger possibilities. Sure, I prefer mine with plenty of mustard and pickles — assembled properly — but our conversation took us well out of the box. Considering that hamburgers are […]

Before I start confessing . . .

The perfect burger. Notice the caramelized onions and fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes. (The squash was also picked fresh just minutes before this photo.)

I have a pre-Confessions confession: This is a blog mostly about cooking and eating. Stick around long enough, and you’ll learn that it’s also about memories and surroundings, with a few fun sides. My name is Adam J. Holland and food is one of my therapeutic outlets — growing it, talking about it, and eating […]