The RV Chronicles — Channeling the Mountain State at the ‘Jimmy Rockford’ (Recipe: West Virginia Hot Dogs)

It all began over lunch in the communications suite. One of my co-workers mentioned something about her father digging on West Virginia Hot Dogs. ‘What’s that?’ I asked. ‘It’s just a hot dog with chili and slaw,’ she replied. My interest, already piqued at the mere mention of a new (to me) style of hot […]

Food Snob Chronicles – Hot diggity! Hot dog lore!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Every other cable network is running some sort of re-run about this or that hot dog restaurant. And our reliable ‘list’ makers are reminding us that we should be eating hot dogs between ‘National Gingersnap Day’ and ‘National Chocolate Pudding Day’. With all due respect to the folks who have waited all […]

Confession No. 97 — How I play when my Cat’s away

I have a duplicitous side. My sneakiness involves neither a secret flame nor a penchant for clandestine gambling parties. I stash no spirits in the least likely of places, and I own no collection of stag flicks. My chosen path of chicanery is something, without hesitation, that I could tell the priest about. But, I […]