Confession No. 143 — The sun shines on Houston

It’s been said that the sun will come up tomorrow, and it did in Houston on this late August day. That bright light truly came much earlier for my family, though I wanted to doubt its presence.  “We’ve never had best friends,” my wife said to me. “Mario and Linda are our best friends, I […]

Confession No. 141 — Dear New Owners (Recipe: Sous Vide Bay Scallop Scampi)

May 12, 2017 Dear New Owners, As you read this, you’re probably surrounded by labeled boxes. A spring swarm of crane flies might also have blindly followed you inside. Perhaps you even have noticed a gecko or two near the front porch. They’ve always liked it there, and we enjoyed watching them through our years […]

The RV Chronicles — A touch and go week by the bay (Recipe: Grilled Chuck Eye Steak w/ Roasted Salsa)

It’s been little more than five years since I began sharing my stories here. And it’s really funny how this has grown from a virtual space in which I could self-impose writing deadlines, to a crowd of 17 loyal followers. If you’re among those 17, you know that I live to eat — and to […]

The RV Chronicles — Thank goodness we’re not total kindred spirits (Recipe: Ancho Braised Short Rib Sandwich)

I’m a smarty pants. Always have been. Don’t know why. So is Baby Girl. Thankfully though, she didn’t inherit my ‘go down with my middle fingers in the air’ temperament. In all fairness, I graduated from that approach some years ago. But at 17, my daughter’s age, I was a young man with an inexplicable […]

Confession No. 131 — Water? Gasoline? Or dynamite? Well, that all depends.

My real life job as a public relations guy requires me to bite my tongue. Quite often. And it’s not always easy. Many times, I’ve had to stifle my thoughts and comments when it comes to absurd inquiries from the press and their award-desiring editors. There are plenty of other instances when I must tap […]

Confession No. 121 – Woe is me. Pee-wee soccer is upon us … again.

I’ve spun many a yarn over the years and have done a pretty darn good job of sugar coating the bad parts. But even the best storytellers in the world don’t own enough fib to beat around the bush about organized youth sports. Spin it any way you wish. There aren’t enough positives to outweigh […]

Confession No. 120 — Our son is the sick one, yet we suffer. Go figure.

There is no vaccination for it. There is also no immediate cure. And unfortunately, my son has been infected with this horrible disorder. Senioritis. Unlike some conditions, senioritis affects most people between the ages of 17 and 18. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: a swollen head, regular tardiness, plenty of song and dance […]

Confession No. 119 — Lame excuses are difficult to … excuse

You know what I despise most about excuses? Their blatant overuse. I’d always prefer that someone just own his actions. But most people don’t like the idea of moving on without injecting the why into the equation. And that’s when it all tends to go downhill. There’s a local restaurant that I occasionally patronize. It’s […]

Confession No. 116 – Why some boys should be more like their moms (Recipe: Pasta e Fagioli)

Want to know how a girl will be when she grows up? Go no further than her mom. That young lady might be quiet and unassuming now. She might not be wearing turquoise-colored eye shadow or dye her hair in the loudest shade of red. She will though. I’ve seen it a million times. She’ll […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Become an all-star Thanksgiving host in five easy steps

Believe it or not, most Thanksgiving guests won’t remember your China pattern. Nor are they likely to recall that bottle of wine that you keep bragging about. Want everyone to have a memorable experience? By all means, dust off your dinnerware and spend a few bucks on that 2008 vintage. But consider a few more […]