The RV Chronicles — Mardi Gras mash-up at the ‘Jimmy Rockford’ (Recipe: Crawfish Tostadas w/ Cayenne Avocado Cream)

Some things just work well together. Biscuits and gravy. Chicken and rice. Chips and salsa. And, as Forrest Gump once wrote to his true love: peas and carrots. (That’s only because Forrest wasn’t aware of the successful marriage between Louisiana and Tex-Mex cooking.) Crawfish Tostadas with Cayenne Avocado Cream are textbook Lou-Mex. Right down to […]

The RV Chronicles — There’s nothing fat about my Tuesdays (Recipe: Shrimp Rémoulade)

Fat Tuesday.  It’s the day of boundless sin before the annual period of ship-shape living. Not here, though. Oh sure, I’m a damn sinner. But I tend to spread mine out over the 52-week course of each year. Mardi Gras is cool because of the green, gold and purple — and the food. But I […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — Louisiana Crawfish Étouffée

I suppose that every locale has its culinary purists. In the Northeast there is only one true way to make a pot of Italian gravy — although there are 23 million versions of that one true way. Here in Texas we tend to agree that beef makes the best barbecue, but some of us are […]

Food Snob Chronicles — A New England-style sandwich for the Louisianan in all of us (Recipe: Crawfish Roll)

I‘ll say it up front. I’m not from Louisiana, nor have I jumped on the LSU Tigers/New Orleans bandwagon with 80 million others over the past 10 years. But that’s not to say I don’t like the place. The Pelican State is chock-full of beautiful antebellum homes and ecological rarities.  There are plenty of places […]

Confession No. 79 — Loaded questions still get the best of me (Recipe: Cajun Fried Chicken w/ Red Beans & Rice)

I know how to ask questions. In fact, after more than 20 years as a print/broadcast reporter, I think I’m fairly seasoned in the art of interrogation. But, just as the salesman can never say ‘no,’ neither can I seem to avoid the heat of the third degree. And I do a damn poor job […]

Confession No. 34 — Moral quandary got you? Lie about it!

Where I come from, lying is a sin only most of the time. You can never lie to your parents, pastor, teacher or Scoutmaster. You are, however, allowed to stretch the truth when it comes to complimenting someone – especially a woman. In the South, we call those ‘white lies.’ ‘White lies’ work quite well […]