The Unorthodox Epicure — Nashville Hot Chicken Meatballs

Nashville Hot Chicken Meatballs — All the flavor. None of the bad stuff.

Fine, so I didn’t make this batch as hot as I would’ve preferred. But such is necessary during a brief trip back to my brick and mortar home on Chestnut Lane. I was summoned from the Jimmy Rockford about a week ago to take care of things while Catherine and Alexandra ventured with the school […]

Confession No. 52 – Good advice from my mother in-law: Stop wishing your life away.

If I really want to go back to my childhood, I serve porcupine meatballs with (canned) peas and buttered egg noodles.

It has finally occurred to me that time is unwavering. It’s also deceptive, unsympathetic … unforgiving. I’ve always rushed the time to arrive at the next moment. And, though I can recall many of those happenings, my rear-view mirror is beginning to blur. This past week I drove past the now-overgrown field on which I […]

Confession No. 40 — Comfort foods don’t always appear early in life

This dish might seem like a mid-winter classic, but it also works great in a slow cooker, which keeps the kitchen heat down in the summer. Just brown your sausages and sauté your garlic in a different pan; and add sausages back to the sauce about an hour before you plan to serve.

The event that I dreaded most was nearing. Unlike some funerals, weddings or birthday parties, I would not be able draw a pass with a believable excuse. She already knew me too well. Besides, it’s a rite of courtship that no one can avoid without long-term consequences. I would be meeting her family on their […]