Food Snob Chronicles — Shrimp & Pasta w/ Fresh Tomato Basil Cream

Aside from citrus, tomatoes are my favorite fruit to grow. And, despite that I’ve propagated dozens of varieties over the years, I’ve neither popped a cherry tomato into my mouth, nor have I indulged with a fresh slice of this nightshade family member. Strange, I know. (Hey, I warned you about people like me!) Because […]

Confession No. 49 – Boundaries? What boundaries?

If you’ve ever had to write your name on something in your own refrigerator, you might just feel my pain. If you’ve come home to find that no one could read your writing, we have a definite connection. Boundaries. For me, they are nothing more than dastardly examples of cruel trickery. Contemptible. Disheartening. Figmental. If […]

Confession No. 2 — I’m a Scotch-drinking, sod-busting outdoorsman. But . . . (Recipe: Grilled Eggplant Parmigiana)

Roger Price, in his book In One Head and Out the Other (Ballantine, 1954), wrote “I had one grunch, but the eggplant over there.” I was introduced to the phrase by my radio mentor — the same man who once interrupted my complaining and said “Adam! That’s why they call it ‘work’!” The eggplant phrase […]