The RV Chronicles — Taking out the trash and taking in stories

I walk almost daily with a bag or two of garbage to our RV park dumpster. Most might think of such a task as routine and downright dull. But I see it differently. During my 200 yard roundtrip, I see people’s stories. Some homes are used as they were intended — as temporary dwellings. I […]

Confession No. 72 – Like you’ve never been hungry? (Recipes: Roasted Brussels Sprouts; Buttermilk Pie)

Cloth-upholstered overized chairs are comfortable. Wooden bar stools, not so much. The same can generally be said of the GMC Suburban vs. the Smart Coupe, first class vs. coach and 800-thread count sheets vs. a nylon sleeping bag. From there, comfort zones can vary widely. And that can make me uncomfortable. I’ve never been shy […]