The RV Chronicles — Sort of celebrating Thanksgiving (Recipe: Amish Potato Filling)

Amish Potato Filling —

It’s no secret among the folks in my tight circle that I’m not a huge Thanksgiving fan. Sure, I’m thankful for all that is good. And I enjoy being in the company of (some) family. But … turkey? Yeah… You’re more than welcome to eat my portion. And green bean casserole? Oh, my. Leave it […]

The RV Chronicles — Fond memories of campfire fried potatoes

Campfire Fried Potatoes — A simple memory-making side

Cane fishing poles. Cold grape soda. The beckoning aroma of bacon, onions and potatoes cooking beneath a canopy of loblolly pines, sassafras and water oak. The setting played itself out annually between 1977 and about 1982 at Tyler State Park in northeast Texas, about 10 minutes off Interstate 20. Every spring. Just Dad and me. […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Southern Fried Potato Coins

Southern Fried Potato Coins w/ Tangy Mayo Dipping Sauce — You deserve to feel guilty once in a while.

Have you ever wondered where French fries originated? Sure, the French part of the name ought to be a dead giveaway. Except that it’s not. Early in my career as a radio newsman, I was interviewing a descendant of Fletcher Davis — the Athens, Texas man who is widely credited for inventing the hamburger sandwich as […]

Confession No. 61 — Men are from Mars … And so are most women

Rich. Creamy. Satisfying. Baked Potato Soup can be served naked, or with your choice of traditional toppings.

At least 24,000 English language books have been written on the differences between men and women. Don’t waste your money. I’m not an expert on women, but I can guarantee you that I’m no more of a waffle than my wife is a plate of spaghetti — and that most of us were born on […]

Confession No. 56 – Please, just get to the point.

The ultimate Southwestern Surf & Turf: Ancho-braised Beef Shanks and Shrimp Cocktail ala La Mansion del Prado, with a side of Cauliflower-infused Chipotle Mashers.

Many people think of me as a windbag. Some also believe that arrogance flows through my veins. Possibly so on both counts, but one thing’s for sure — I’m a man of double standards. Especially when it comes to conversations. In short, I much prefer being behind life’s virtual podium to being on the audience side. […]