Confession No. 140 — Waste not … and never want again (Recipe: Stove Top Rice Pudding)

Have you ever swigged from a glass of water only to realize that it’s lemon lime soda? No matter how much you might enjoy the latter, such a surprise makes for a bad experience. Such was the case with my first turnip. ‘Mmmm, a pot of greens,’ I said to my childhood friend as we […]

The RV Chronicles — Mexican Shrimp Fried Rice

What happens when huge Gulf shrimp go on sale and I’ve just received a telephone lecture from my long lost bride about spending $300 weekly on groceries? This… Before you go thinking I’m being a smarty pants, you need to know that these jumbo shrimp were cheaper than a pound of ground round. Everything else […]

The RV Chronicles – No Le Creuset? No worries!

To say that I’ve changed the way I cook since I’ve been batching it in the Jimmy Rockford (my RV) would be an understatement. For starters, there’s no Calphalon saucepan here. Neither was I allowed to bring either of the All-Clad copper core skillets. And when I lobbied to transfer the Vitamix from our kitchen […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Spicy Fried Rice w/ Crispy Gizzards

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Gizzards?’ Yeah, gizzards. Through the years I’ve learned that some people don’t care for them because they are among the eight (or nine if you’re KFC) traditional chicken pieces, while others just can’t stand the texture. I love them though, no matter how they’re sliced. (Or cooked.) As a child, […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Rice 101

It is the second most grown crop (corn is first) in the world — harvested on every continent (except Antarctica). It is a staple of the extremely impoverished, but also served to the uncommonly wealthy. There are more than 80,000 plant varieties that produce this seed pod, but we know it as just one four-letter word. […]

Confession No. 52 – Good advice from my mother in-law: Stop wishing your life away.

It has finally occurred to me that time is unwavering. It’s also deceptive, unsympathetic … unforgiving. I’ve always rushed the time to arrive at the next moment. And, though I can recall many of those happenings, my rear-view mirror is beginning to blur. This past week I drove past the now-overgrown field on which I […]

Confession No. 36 — Eating out ain’t what it used to be

To my knowledge, it begins with us 40-somethings — it being the ability to remember when going to a restaurant was a treat. Eating out was probably more of a rarity for the older generations, especially people of color who weren’t allowed in many public places. For the younger generations, going out to eat seems […]