The RV Chronicles — Stained silk and happy tears (Recipe: Fiery Jalapeno Relish)

Fiery Jalapeno Relish

Most people would chalk up a chili-stained silk shirt as an unfortunate incident. When said blotch comes two bites prior to a glob of mustard to the pants, it becomes a bad lunch. But not for me. After tweaking my Fiery Jalapeno Relish, I was bound and determined to celebrate the new baseball season in […]

The RV Chronicles — Raindrops are falling on my head (and ruining my music)

'Tis the season for Roasted Hatch Chile Salsa. It's delicious on everything. Truly.

Have you ever camped in a tent? Or been in a metal building when a gully washer pops up and starts hammering down? On one hand, it’s peaceful. On the other, it’s as scary as all get-out. The Jimmy Rockford is something between a tent and a metal building, and tonight I experienced my first […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — Fresh Mexican Salsa

Fresh Mexican Salsa — This is the version that every restaurant wishes it could serve. It's wonderful as a chip dipper or a topper.

I still remember the first salsa (or hot sauce, as we call it around here) that I ever had. The brand was Albert’s. It is a semi-chunky garlicky concoction that works just as well over enchiladas and tacos as it does chip dip. Then there was the version served at the now almost-defunct El Chico […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — Classic Tex-Mex Salsa


There was a time when I had to be forced to eat Mexican food. It’s true. ‘I have news for you two,’ my mother told my sister and me. ‘You’ll have to eat the special tonight.’ ‘But why?’ I asked. ‘I like the chicken-fried steak. That’s not fair!’ The time was about 1978 and the […]

Confession No. 30 — Texas-style? I’ll be the judge of that.

New Mexico Red Chile Enchiladas are traditionally served stacked and topped with a fried egg. Admittedly, this was my daughter's plate. I prefer my eggs over-hard.

A friend and co-worker recently took me to task after reading a beerfly review that I’d posted on BeerAdvocate. It all boiled down to my use of three words: authentic British pub. When she asked me whether I’d ever been to a pub in England, I knew that there could be no debate. But, it […]

Confession No. 23 — I’d be proud to sport foodie decals on my rear window

Tex-Mex Table Salsa is traditionally served for dipping with warm tortilla chips. It's also delicious served over just about anything Tex-Mex (except sopapillas or flan). Make a double batch of this, because it goes quickly.

Most people who live vicariously through their children do so through Little League, gifted & talented classes and beauty pageants. I tend to do it through forks, skewers and chopsticks. You probably see your fair share of homemade rear window decals used by cheeky moms and dads to advertise their son’s youth league baseball exploits, […]

Confession No. 21 — I should have eaten the English pea salad long ago


Between explaining to the day care this past week that my grandson did not learn obscene gestures from me, and cringing about my new medication, I turned over a new culinary leaf. I ate food homemade by people I don’t know. I won’t go into my usual 800-word rant here. The bottom line is that […]