The RV Chronicles — Thank goodness we’re not total kindred spirits (Recipe: Ancho Braised Short Rib Sandwich)

I’m a smarty pants. Always have been. Don’t know why. So is Baby Girl. Thankfully though, she didn’t inherit my ‘go down with my middle fingers in the air’ temperament. In all fairness, I graduated from that approach some years ago. But at 17, my daughter’s age, I was a young man with an inexplicable […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Texas Rib Sandwich

Texas, when it comes to barbecue, is known for slow smoked brisket. When done correctly, there is no better protein on planet earth. But, as the old saying goes — chocolate cake every day doesn’t taste as sweet. Enter barbecued pork ribs. If you walk into any respectable (mom and pop) barbecue joint in the […]

Food Snob Chronicles — The old school Fried Bologna Sandwich (Don’t judge me!)

So, you’ve arrived at a website that features tested recipes for lobster, crab and aged beef … with other tried and true methods for cooking with exotic ingredients like Kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and galangal — and bologna. Yeah. Bologna. Before you disregard this tried and true cured goodness, just know that bologna is the only […]

Food Snob Chronicles — The Philadelphia Cheese Steak

There are a few things in life that are well worth the momentary spike in cholesterol.  Here in east Texas, those things consist of chicken-fried steaks, chips and salsa and Pittsburg hot links. Where you live, that guilty pleasure could be anything from a huge slice of New York-style Pizza to a deep-fried hot dog […]

Food Snob Chronicles — El Cubano: The Cuban Sandwich

For something so simple — it’s not even considered a main course — the Cuban Sandwich has sparked as much debate as any presidential election, and far more disdain between camps than the century-old Yankees/Red Sox rivalry. Purists of the concoction have varying mindsets. There’s salami vs. no salami; sweet pickle vs. sour pickle; and […]

The Unorthodox Epicure — Smoked Chicken & Avocado Grilled Cheese

I am blessed in countless ways when it comes to my bride. She exercises extreme patience when it comes to my cooking and experimenting in the kitchen — and with me in general. It’s seldom that she requests something for our menu. This past week she offered up one of her rare appeals: A grilled […]

Food Snob Chronicles — The 2014 Ballpark Tour: Chicago (South Side)

There are plenty of reasons to love Chicago. Mine are the deep dish pizza, Chicken Vesuvio and the most confused hot dog in the world (Is it a salad or a hot dog?). The windy city, which actually has less wind than a lot of other cities, has also gained some fame for the local […]

Confession No. 69 — Mea Culpa (Recipe: Beef & ‘Basa Sandwiches)

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time to play catch-up and hopefully get myself removed from the ‘naughty’ list over the next few weeks. Concessions and apologies are always a good way to start. First, to my doctor — I know you’re probably baffled as to why my weight hasn’t changed during the […]

Confession No. 46 — Yeah, I knocked ’em … before I loved ’em (Recipe: NJ Sloppy Joes)

Want to know how to pick up a woman — and keep her? Just start out the relationship by telling her that women are like fleas on unwashed dogs. That’s what I did. Once. I also came out of my corner throwing low blows at the idea of grunge rock and wearing socks with sandals. […]