The RV Chronicles — Sweet Black Pepper Sauced Scallops w/ Bacon


My family is odd. First, I have a child who’ll eat canned tuna day and night but won’t touch fresh Gulf shrimp with a ten-foot pole.  Then, there’s the offspring who noshes on sushi rolled in spiders’ legs but complains about a single mushroom on a pizza. And my bride will eat just about anything […]

Confession No. 36 — Eating out ain’t what it used to be

Roasted asparagus is the perfect compliment to seafood risotto. So too would be sauteed spinach or roasted Brussels sprouts.

To my knowledge, it begins with us 40-somethings — it being the ability to remember when going to a restaurant was a treat. Eating out was probably more of a rarity for the older generations, especially people of color who weren’t allowed in many public places. For the younger generations, going out to eat seems […]