The RV Chronicles — A touch and go week by the bay (Recipe: Grilled Chuck Eye Steak w/ Roasted Salsa)

It’s been little more than five years since I began sharing my stories here. And it’s really funny how this has grown from a virtual space in which I could self-impose writing deadlines, to a crowd of 17 loyal followers. If you’re among those 17, you know that I live to eat — and to […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Steak 101: Say goodbye to steak sauce

It’s been said that a good steak needs no sauce. And truer words have never been spoken. Take Ruth’s Chris, for example. I know someone who shamelessly asked his server for Worcestershire. They obliged him … but not before shaking their heads. That same person asked me for Worcestershire for the aged beef that I’d […]

Confession No. 55 — No means no. So do about 8,000 other phrases.

It’s pronounced and spelled the same in multiple languages and easily understood in many others. It won’t net you many Scrabble points, but the word can have some major implications in real life. It’s a word so simple that it’s commonly the first one children learn. Yet many of us tend to avoid at all […]