The RV Chronicles — A 2017 Valentine’s letter to my wife (Recipe: Chocolate Covered Strawberries)

Say 'I love you' with quick, easy and delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

Dear Catherine, I wrote you a year ago to tell you how lucky I am to know you … to be your lover. Our jobs kept us apart then, but we are together now and I feel even luckier. We share the smallest of spaces. Ridiculously small. It’s tight. Nerve-wracking. Yet, I feel so comforted […]

The RV Chronicles — Valentine’s Day 2016: The ‘Jimmy Rockford’ year (Recipe: Avocado Crab Salad)

Avocado Crab Salad — A healthy delicious aphrodisiac.

If you are one of my 16 loyal readers, you know that I’ve been living in an RV (named the ‘Jimmy Rockford’) near the Galveston Bay since August, 2015. I came here for a job while the love of my life hung back in our hometown to sell the house and wrap up our affairs. […]

Food Snob Chronicles – Aphrodisiac foods? Yes please!

Fried Oyster Sliders w/ Real Rémoulade. No action guaranteed, but they sure are tasty.

Said no woman ever: A hot dog topped with chili and cheese really gets me in the mood. But an old friend once told me that a dollar’s worth of pasta could do it. ‘If you cook pasta for a woman in your apartment, you’re three-quarters of the way there,’ he told me. ‘She’s thinking […]

Confession No. 123 — A Valentine’s Day letter to my wife

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Dear Catherine, Remember all of those times you encouraged me to go back to school — and finally signed me up and told me to get busy? Well, a funny thing happened this past week in my sociology class. I learned that there are actually some clinical labels for our relationship and marriage. None of them […]

Confession No. 80 — A Valentine’s reminder for the guys: Your woman is lying to you

Impress your Valentine with this simple dish of chicken, sliced ham and smoked Provolone — served atop a bed of Balsamic spinach.

As far as I’m concerned, Valentine’s Day is not an official holiday. (But my opinion doesn’t matter on this one.) Sure, there was a Saint Valentinus way back in the day … and some Christian denominations hold a feast in his honor. But, the whole candy and greeting card thing was more of a cultural […]