Confession No. 145 — Bleach, pork and beans, and an overflow of tears

Strawberry fields really are forever. And it was here that I cried today over a gallon of bleach, a couple cans of pork and beans — and a slew of wonderful people. Catherine and I were headed to the grocery store to find some food and cleaning supplies when she diverted our trip. ‘A lot […]

Confession No. 101 — I’ll help, but I don’t want to be in charge (Recipe: Classic Southern Pimento Cheese)

It’s happening again today. My wife has once again found herself in charge — responsible for 25 volunteers who’ll spend a few days taking care of 180 high school students at band camp. Undoubtedly, she’ll see some old familiar faces. It’s hardly her first time directing a corps of do-gooders. Between the two of us, we’ve […]