The RV Chronicles — Valentine’s Day 2016: The ‘Jimmy Rockford’ year (Recipe: Avocado Crab Salad)

If you are one of my 16 loyal readers, you know that I’ve been living in an RV (named the ‘Jimmy Rockford’) near the Galveston Bay since August, 2015. I came here for a job while the love of my life hung back in our hometown to sell the house and wrap up our affairs. […]

Food Snob Chronicles — Wanted: Some respect for hot dogs, ginger ale and pecan wood

Want to hear a philosophical conversation between a 16-year-old cashier and yours truly? Come with me some time to a fast food joint. Truth is, there’s usually a lot of shoulder shrugging and offers to go get a manager. Such conversations have yet to produce fruitful answers. Still, I’m that guy — the one who […]