The Unorthodox Epicure: Unplugged

Want to know the one thing about me that I’ve never discussed in these pages over nearly five years here? Grab your headphones and head over to Food Blog Radio, where I had a sit-down with Gary House and Sara DeLeeuw. While you’re there, why not subscribe to future broadcasts? It’s truly a delicious show. Getting there is easy. Just […]

The RV Chronicles — Missing my rock

Though kicking it in the Jimmy Rockford is an adventure like few others in my life, the blues have still emerged from the right side of my queen-sized mattress. If sappy isn’t your style, scroll on down to the recipe. Catherine – Remember that time you were in New Jersey and I was in Texas? […]

Confession No. 125 – For the love of a child

‘Mom, I’m glad I’m not adopted,’ the little boy said out of the blue. ‘Really,’ she responded. ‘Why do you say that?’ ‘Because, if I was adopted you wouldn’t love me as much.’ It had been more than five years since the boy made the transition into his new family. He was about a year […]

Confession No. 123 — A Valentine’s Day letter to my wife

Dear Catherine, Remember all of those times you encouraged me to go back to school — and finally signed me up and told me to get busy? Well, a funny thing happened this past week in my sociology class. I learned that there are actually some clinical labels for our relationship and marriage. None of them […]

Confession No. 122 — The little girl who cried wolf wasn’t whistling Dixie after all

It was her go-to excuse for more than 15 years. She used it to occasionally stay home from school, church and even fun family outings. It’s been so frustrating that I’ve wanted to strangle her. But as it turns out, we erred. And I’ll be damned if I shouldn’t have known better. I was a […]

Confession No. 120 — Our son is the sick one, yet we suffer. Go figure.

There is no vaccination for it. There is also no immediate cure. And unfortunately, my son has been infected with this horrible disorder. Senioritis. Unlike some conditions, senioritis affects most people between the ages of 17 and 18. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: a swollen head, regular tardiness, plenty of song and dance […]

Confession No. 114 — The things I’m not thankful for (Recipe: Chocolate Apple Caramel Tart)

I don’t typically hop onto social bandwagons. If you want to work or shop on Thanksgiving, who am I to say you should be at home? If you think you deserve $15 hourly schlepping fries at McDonald’s, good for you. And if you want to list to your world of virtual friends all of the […]

Food Snob Chronicles – Stuffing for thought: Thanksgiving uncensored

To love your food is to know your food. And I’ll bet there are a few things you didn’t know about the feast served in late-November each year. Leave it to the politicians President Franklin Roosevelt, between 1939-41, pushed Thanksgiving back a week to boost the economy. It turned into a quite a cluster-gobble, since […]

Confession No. 112 — A few words and phrases that you never want to hear

Ask the average person what words or phrases they despise and most of them will respond similarly. Profanity. Hateful expressions. Self-righteous assertions. Not me. Nope. I can handle the occasional swear word, rude comment or pompous ass. But there are a handful of contradictory or foreboding utterances that make my skin crawl. I hate to […]

Confession No. 110 — What were we thinking? (Recipe: Chicken Vesuvio)

Some light bulbs should remain unlit. Ideas come and go. Some, like the retractable ball point ink pen or the internal combustion engine, are brilliant and life-changing. Others, such as sour cream & onion-flavored Jell-O or hydrogen-filled blimps, are better left alone. Organ stores in the malls Seems like a good idea. Hire an organist […]